Why You should sign up to be an adopted Aunt-n-Uncle?

  • Opportunity to be supportive of a new college student.
  • Demonstrate Christ in behavior and words.
  • Possible outreach to an international student (1/3 are from other countries).
  • You and your family to share the love of Christ.
  • Provide stability in a confusing time and world.

Sign up for the Aunt-n-Uncle program.
We will match you with a student to whom you will be introduced at a "Meet & Greet."

Please sign up early so we know how many students can be served. You will be contacted with your date and time to attend the "Meet & Greet."

What is expected of me as an adopted Aunt-n-Uncle?

  • Provide a supportive base to a student who is away from home.
  • Get Acquainted at a ‘Meet & Greet’ event provided by the Protestant Campus Ministry.
  • Send encouraging texts/emails as a students Adopted Aunt-n-
  • Invite them for dinner occasionally.
  • Send cards for his/her birthday or other special occasions.
  • Possibly allow him/her to do laundry at your place.
  • Include him/her in fun activities as their Adopted Aunt-n-
  • Invite him/her to attend church with you.
  • Provide information, encouragement, and possibly a safe place to stay, in the event of a hurricane.
  • Encourage him/her to share holidays and/or vacation with your family.
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