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Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork

Within on-campus graduate degree programs, the Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork (CSF) experience embeds the scientist-practitioner model within applied settings. The concepts, principles, technologies, techniques, and theoretical framework learned during a student’s tenure at Florida Tech will be practiced in educational, clinical, and community settings. Students will be asked to demonstrate the skills needed by behavior analysts in applied settings as set forth by the Florida Tech ABA program and Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®). Many of the applied settings allow students to concurrently work in service delivery and/or research settings. Service delivery hours may be counted towards practical experience as long as services are behavior analytic in nature. Faculty and adjunct faculty provide individual supervision for students in CSF.

The CSF experience consists of six semesters of classes; each class is 1-3 credit hours and consists of a mixture of individual meetings, group meetings, in-vivo observation, and training in applied settings. Students are expected to complete 200-300 hours of behavior analytic training during each semester of enrollment. No more than 130 hours per month can be counted towards the 200-300 hour total for a given semester (BACB rule). Students should meet with their faculty and/or site supervisor at least once per week for 10 weeks of the 11-week summer semester and for 15 weeks of the 16-week spring and fall semesters. Generally, students should obtain at least 14 hours per week of experience (including supervision) in the first fall and spring semesters, 30 hours per week (including supervision) of experience in the first and second summer semesters, and 17 hours per week (including supervision) of experience in the second fall and spring semesters. If a student is not available or needs to cancel supervision due to emergency reasons, the student should coordinate make-up experience and supervision hours with the faculty supervisor.

Approved Sites for CSF

Refer to the Student Resources page to access the Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork Handbook and navigate to the list of approved sites for CSF with contact information!

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