The Center for Innovation Management and Business Analytics (CIMBA) is housed in the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech in sunny Melbourne, Florida. The Directors of CIMBA have over 20 years of experience on boards of directors and in leadership positions with international organizations whose related mission is the advancement of Innovation. Dr. Walton and Dr. Sandall are both Certified Professional Innovators and both serve in leadership capacities for the International Journal of Innovation Science as well as for the International Association of Innovation Professionals.

Our Mission

To serve as an inter-disciplinary Center for the development of national and international research on, certification in, and the dissemination of education and best practices related to the science, management, and practice of innovation and the use of business analytics concepts, processes, and practices in industry.

Our Objectives

The objective of CIMBA is to become an industry leader and independent source of expertise and knowledge for students, alumni, industry organizations, and professional associations regarding the development and use of both the art and science of innovation in business analytics, to assist in setting the direction and standards of innovation methodologies, processes, and practices, and to educate and train organizations in the concepts and capabilities of people, processes, practices, and technologies as it pertains to innovation and business analytics.

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