Leadership & Staff

Abram Walton, Ph.D.

Natalie Shah, DBA(c)

Executive Director: Center for Innovation Management & Business Analytics 

Professor of Management

Abram Walton, Ph.D is a highly accomplished practitioner in management and innovation, serving as the Founder of Ivory Bridge Group, a Management Consulting & Training firm, and a Full Tenured Professor of Management at Florida Tech. With a specialization in Management and Innovation, he also directs Florida Tech's Center for Innovation Management & Business Analytics (CIMBA) and holds key roles within the International Standards Organization. With over 20 years of research experience, Dr. Walton has made significant contributions to fields such as Innovation Management, Human Capital Management, Leadership, Business Analytics, and Product Lifecycle Management. He is a renowned speaker at national and international conferences, consulting with major corporations like NASA, GE, Alstom, Harris, Bristol Myers Squib, and Delta on topics including leadership, lean process improvement, innovation strategies, and new product development. Dr. Walton's diverse expertise, extensive publications, and involvement in academic journals and non-profit boards demonstrate his commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys adventurous activities and cherishes time spent traveling with his wife and daughters.

Research Scientist: Center for Innovation Management & Business Analytics

Natalie Shah is an author, instructor, and researcher.  She is a Doctoral Candidate specialization in Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Capital Management, and Innovation Management.  As a former Resident Director for student life, she managed 13 staff, and spent the last 7 years overseeing Florida Tech’s community development, student programming, learning communities, and yearly curriculum development for over 2000 students. With an MBA and B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, she regularly employs her leadership skills and experiences to help facilitate the Graduate Teacher Orientation Program, and to develop civic and community-oriented service-learning initiatives to provide enhanced student-enrichment and resume-worthy experiences. Her work with industry includes serving as a U.S. Alternate Delegate on the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee for Innovation Management Systems (ISO 56000), and for TC 307 - Blockchain and Electronic Digital Ledger Technologies., as well as leading a variety of management consulting projects.





Current CIMBA Research Fellows

Florida Institute of Technology's Center for Innovation Management and Business Analytics (CIMBA) proudly unveils its cohort of distinguished Research Fellows for the 2024-2025 academic year. This groundbreaking program draws on the extensive knowledge and experience of extraordinary professionals, including many revered Florida Tech alumni, to significantly enrich the educational and research landscape of the University.

These Research Fellows will be instrumental in elevating both teaching and learning at Florida Tech. Collaborating intimately with one or more CIMBA faculty members, they will integrate their real-world business expertise into our academic sphere. Their involvement encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, notably:

  • Co-teaching in elective courses.
  • Providing career counseling, development coaching, and networking strategies.
  • Leading or co-leading intensive short-term programs.
  • Facilitating workshops in the MBA Program and other specialized courses.
  • Offering access to their extensive professional networks for unparalleled industry insights and opportunities.

The Fellows will lend their proficiency to CIMBA's online and executive education programs, partnering with faculty on management consulting field experiences and pivotal research initiatives. Appointments for the Fellows may range from a few months to an entire academic year, with the potential for extensions based on mutual interests, program necessities, and their valuable input.

At the heart of CIMBA's ethos is the aggregation and discerning analysis of information from our esteemed peers and fellows. This process is vital in maintaining the center's forward-thinking approach, staying ahead of the curve in predicting market needs for skills and attributes in our students. The agile application of this knowledge continually informs the teaching and research initiatives led by Dr. Abram Walton and his team. By incorporating these insights almost instantaneously, we ensure that our graduates are pioneering and are the leading edge or bleeding edge, offering unparalleled value as they step into their future careers.

CIMBA Senior Research Fellows

Darrel Sandall, Ph.D.

John Henderson, Ph.D.

Dean,  School of Business at Morningside University.

Dr. Darrel Sandall is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah with consultation, research, and outreach.

Darrel Sandall, Ph.D., is Dean of the School of Business at Morningside University. In higher education he has been a professor at Purdue University and the Florida Institute of Technology, and has held various leadership positions. For most of his career, Darrel served as an executive with multiple companies, managing projects and operations with annual budgets in excess of $15MM. Formerly, Darrel was the Chief Skills Officer for SkillsNET Corporation where he helped invent and field a patented web-based job analysis system. In 2006, SkillsNET was ranked #270 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. At XADS, Darrel was the Chief Operating Officer for the defense contracting company.

Darrel Sandall's LinkedIn

Executive Consultant, Personnel Science & Psychological Consulting, International (PSPCI)

Dr. John Henderson is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah with consultation, research, and outreach.

John Henderson, Ph.D., is a strategic assessment and talent management professional with over 25 years of experience planning and implementing domestic and international selection, performance, and leadership development solutions. He is also widely regarded as an expert with a history of achievement and innovation in job analysis, competency modeling, and workforce analytics. He received his doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee 

John Henderson's LinkedIn


CIMBA Post-Doc Research Fellows

Eric Demirjian, DBA

Kate Hill, DBA

Director of the Test and Evaluation Threat Resource Activity (TETRA)

Dr. Eric Demirjian is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah on projects related to the Integrated Marketing Communications and Organizational Behavior and Theory course curriculum.

Eric Demirjian, D.B.A., leads a diverse team of all-source scientific and technical intelligence analysts, engineers and scientists for the purposes of determining operational effectiveness and operational suitability and survivability. His areas of expertise include modeling and simulation, threat systems, missile event analysis, integrated threat assessment, artificial intelligence, cognitive threats, and neural networks, and has been briefed at the highest national level to include the President and Foreign heads of state. Dr. Demirjian earned his Doctoral Degree in AI and virtual team member augmentation, human-machine teaming, and artificial intelligence Superteams from Florida Tech.

Eric Lawrence Demirjian | Dr. Demirjian's LinkedIn profile
 Dissertation: Artificial Intelligence Superteams & Augmentation Strategies: Increasing Performance of High-Functioning Virtual Team Members Via Human Machine Teaming Enhancements

2023 College of Business Newsletter

Senior Network Support Specialist Technical Project Manager, AT&T Mobility

Dr. Kate Hill is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah on projects related to the Integrated Marketing Communications and Organizational Behavior and Theory course curriculum.

Dr. Hill is a respected and trusted executive leader at AT&T, specializing in C-band spectrum deployment for 5G network reliability. She joined the telecommunications industry in 2012, where she has led many national-level project initiatives overseeing capacity planning and additions to the mobility network. Kate is a highly qualified professional, scholar, and researcher. Her dissertation research has contributed to making a difference as a practitioner and academic in the real world by examining high-functioning virtual team members and subgroup formation based on the quality of work-life factors to understand vital linkages to performance. This significant practical contribution impacts worldwide business leaders, organizations, and human resource practices. She is a valuable mentor in advising and counseling students and colleagues by enhancing their ability to leverage their network to make influential professional and academic contributions. Dr. Hill advocates for volunteerism, charity involvement, and community support by expanding her professional company's mission and vision to foster development and leadership opportunities, connect and inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and affect change in the community.

Kate Ashley Hill | Dr. Hill's LinkedIn profile
 Dissertation: High-Functioning Virtual Team Members & Quality of Work Life: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Subgroups, Performance, and Standard Occupational Classification Factors

Current CIMBA Research Partners

John Greaves

Pawel Kazanowski, Ph.D., DBA

U.S. Delegate and Chair - ISO TC 307 - Blockchain and Electronic Digital Ledgers

John Greaves is a distinguished technology leader with over 40 years of experience in shaping the landscape of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain. Renowned for his pivotal role in standards development and regulatory compliance, Greaves is a trailblazer in the rapid adoption of Blockchain DLT. His emphasis on creating sophisticated Value Models, particularly in sectors like Supply Chain and Health Care, showcases his forward-thinking approach. The OHIO Principle, crafted by Greaves, is integral to driving the seamless integration of Blockchain DLT. As a founding chair of standards groups and an active participant in global programs, including the EU Blockchain and DLT initiatives, Greaves is recognized as a leading authority, offering valuable insights and leadership in next-generation IT, standards frameworks, and execution challenges.




Director, Hydro Extrusions 

Dr. Kozanowski  is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah with consultation, research, and outreach.

Pawel Kazanowski, Ph.D., Director at Hydro Extrusions is an expert in R&D project oversight, outreach planning, and portfolio management, with a strong background in scientific collaboration and milestone negotiation. He is known for his analytical skills, particularly in conducting research and integrating information from various sources to prepare technical requests. Kazanowski is adept at performing science reviews according to strict policies and is recognized as an exceptional leader who boosts team morale and recognizes individual strengths. His proven track record in managing projects includes resolving critical issues, risk mitigation, and delivering quality results on time and within budget. He is proficient in developing and implementing strategic programs and partnerships aimed at achieving visionary goals in scientific research, particularly in space.

Pawel Kazanowski's LinkedIn

Ryan Bailey, MBA



Innovation Director, Groundswell/ Business & Product/Service Strategy Consultant, Extropio

Mr. Ryan Bailey is collaborating with Dr. Abram Walton and Ms. Natalie Shah with consultation, research, and outreach.

Ryan Bailey, M.S., MBA, serves as the Innovation Director at Groundswell Startups, where he applies his extensive experience in business, engineering, and science to not only direct operations and drive business development but also to craft innovative solutions for complex challenges. In this role, Ryan is deeply engaged in mentoring and advising entrepreneurs, helping them gain traction and transforming their visions into actionable strategies. His mentorship and advisement, enriched by his diverse experience in startups and consulting, is underpinned by an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA from Florida Tech. His commitment to innovation at Florida Tech is further evidenced by his ongoing research fellow activities through CIMBA.

Concurrently, Ryan leads extropio, a Business & Product Strategy Consulting firm, where he specializes in leveraging First Principles and Systems Thinking to create scalable and practical solutions. At extropio, Ryan's approach to business and product strategy mirrors his commitment at Groundswell Startups and Florida Tech, making significant contributions to the broader business and technology landscape. This parallel engagement in all three roles showcases Ryan's multifaceted expertise and dedication to fostering a culture of actionable innovation in various sectors.


Ryan Bailey's LinkedIn



Current CIMBA Doctoral Students

Rob Rudd

DBA Student

Keith Holloway

DBA Student

Gustavo Gonzales - Rivas

DBA Student

Georgi Kirov

DBA Student

Quintcey Smith

Ph.D. student
Industrial Engineering


Current CIMBA Student Interns & Analysts

Melinda Artelli

Student Business Analyst

Joshua Howell

Student Business Analyst

Mary Renaud

Student Business Analyst

Sidney Sheet

Student Business Analyst

Zach Miller

Student Business Analyst


Graduated CIMBA Doctoral Students

Chandra Kay Marie Talerico

Keith Holloway

Bruce Rideout

Vineet Malhotra

John Hill

Pawel Kazanowski

Eric Demirjian

Kate Hill


Former CIMBA Student Interns & Analysts

Karla Banda (married)

Research Analyst

Delana Cooper

Research Analyst

Kareem Philip-Jackson

Research Analyst

Cahit Ogut

Research Analyst

Osam Al-Jaber

Research Analyst

Charles (Chuck) Sedor

Research Analyst

Puneet Malhotra

Student Business Analyst

John Kinney

Student Business Analyst

Jennifer Agbonlahor

Student Business Analyst

Paige Redmon

Student Business Analyst

Jeff Null

Student Business Analyst

Laura Gaydusek

Research Analyst

Matt Breault

Research Analyst

Cole Soloman

Student Business Analyst

Christi Oswalt

Student Business Analyst

Abram Murphy

Student Business Analyst

Giacomo Bandini

Student Business Analyst

Maria Sagastume

Research Analyst

Quintcey Smith

Student Business Analyst

Natalie Odisho

Student Business Analyst

Ralph Bahous

Student Business Analyst

Alex Rumsey

Student Business Analyst

Thomas Haynie

Student Business Analyst


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