Outside view of Nathan M Bisk College of Business building

Center For Ethics And Leadership

Promoting ethical behavior and leadership standards

The Center for Ethics and Leadership fosters the practice of ethical behavior and effective leadership by developing related skills through research and discussion. The mission of promoting ethical behavior and leadership standards are integrated throughout our educational and community outreach programs. The CEL also encourages the Nathan M Bisk College of Business faculty to engage in scholarly research on business ethics and leadership issues. Activities organized by the Center for Ethics and Leadership include: 

Center for Ethics and Leadership Breakfasts: Business leaders are invited to campus as guest speakers to share insights, experiences and expertise related to ethical behavior in business. Students are challenged to think critically about ethical practices from personal, professional and societal perspectives.

Intercollegiate Ethics Competitions: Undergraduate students compete in intercollegiate ethics competitions. Students analyze case studies and provide thoughtful and relevant answers with regard to ethical behavior from both practical and professional perspectives.

Annual High School Ethics Competition: Regional high schools compete in an ethics case competition. Student teams are challenged to examine ethical behavior and the impact of decision making by business leaders utilizing relevant and timely case studies. Local business and community leaders participate as judges.

Annual Ethics and Leadership Conference: The conference provides a public forum for students, faculty and the community to explore and further ethical practices and business leadership in domestic and international environments. Students can participate in this annual event to learn from business, community and government leaders about ethical behavior. 

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