Olin Quad, Melbourne FL Campus

College of Engineering and Science

Outstanding Alumni Award Winners

Wassim Haddad
2022 Engineering
Pedro Beltran
2022 Science
Don Woodruff
2019 Engineering
Gretchen Kelly
2019 Science
Mojy Chian, Ph.D.
2018 Engineering
Trent Smith
2018 Science
Steven Atkin, Ph.D.
2017 Engineering
(Herbert) Hugh Thompson, Ph.D.
2017 Science
Doug Schuler, P.E.
2016 Engineering
Wadad Dubbelday, Ph.D.
2016 Science
Rear Admiral Jonathan W. White
2015 Engineering
Duane De Freese, Ph.D.
2015 Science
David Mazurek, Ph.D.
2014 Engineering
Mr. Tracey Bailey
2014 Science
Tino Alavie, Ph.D.
2013 Engineering
Jonathan Zung, Ph.D.
2013 Science
Travis Proctor
2012 Engineering
Max Mutchler
2012 Science
Amvrossios (Ross) Bagtzoglou, Ph. D.
2011 Engineering
Michael W. Sole
2011 Science
Sungjin Park, Ph.D.
2010 Engineering
Alexis Loo
2010 Science
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