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Student Coordinator Office

Please note, effective Fall 2023, the Student Coordinator Office will no longer provide academic support to freshman or new transfer students. Freshman and new transfer students should see their Staff Advisors in the Office of Student Advising for all of the support described below. All other students should reach out to the Student Coordinators.

The purpose of the Student Coordinator Office is to provide you with guidance and assistance in carrying out the academic administrative functions necessary for you to successfully complete your degree program(s).  The office will offer you a centralized place where you can get help with your academic records, completing forms and paperwork, and receiving information on important academic events, dates, and deadlines.

Specific services that the student coordinators provide include:

  • Maintaining student records – You can request copies of your academic flowchart or program plan, which will be updated for you each semester. The student coordinators can also tell you what courses or other requirements you still need to graduate, and will alert you and your advisor of any missing requirements as you get closer to graduation.
  • Assisting with academic forms – If you need to add or drop a course, use the Forgiveness Policy, submit an announcement and schedule a room for a defense or proposal conference, or perform any other academic function, the student coordinators will help you complete any required paperwork, electronically obtain the needed signatures, and keep a copy in your student records. If you need to speak with another person or office to resolve your request, they will help you get in touch with the right person.
  • Helping with course schedules – Whether you are a new, returning, or transfer student, if you need help with developing a course schedule or getting registered for the next semester, the student coordinators can assist.
  • Providing important information – The student coordinators will alert you of critical dates, deadlines, and notices (e.g., last day to drop a course, deadline to petition to graduate, etc.). This information will be posted in and around the student coordinators’ offices, and will be emailed to you ahead of time.

While the Student Coordinator Office can help you with many things, you still need to speak with your academic advisor on matters related to which courses are appropriate for you to register for, whether you should drop courses, advice on degree progress, and other advising issues.  The student coordinators should not be considered substitute academic advisors.  If you need to have a conversation with your advisor regarding your courses or degree, it is recommended you do that first, then visit the student coordinators for assistance in completing any necessary paperwork or for additional assistance.  If your needs do not require you to first speak with your advisor, you are encouraged to come directly to the student coordinator offices.

As part of this resource, the College has implemented a process to obtain signatures electronically.  It will no longer be necessary for you to walk all around campus to obtain the signatures that you need.  You, your advisor, and others will receive email notifications when you have a document to sign.  The document below shows you how to sign an electronic document in a few simple steps.  When all signatures have been obtained, you will receive a signed copy of your form by email.

Instructions for DocuSign

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