Olin Quad, Melbourne FL Campus

About The College Of Engineering And Science

Two students working in a labThe College of Engineering and Science is a place where passionate people come together each day to relentlessly push the boundaries of knowledge and to improve our collective understanding of the world in which we live.

Here, students and professors alike examine everything from the depths of our oceans to the far reaches of our universe. Each area of study has unique strengths and expertise in both teaching and research. Our students study diverse subjects such as biomathematics, cybersecurity, ocean engineering, computer science, astrophysics, marine biology, aerospace engineering and premedical studies.

The College of Engineering and Science is a place where hands-on experience is highly valued.

Students do not only gain textbook knowledge here. They gain practical experience designing, building, conducting field research and working with industry partners. Research provides a platform for outstanding teaching in both classroom and laboratory.  Graduate students work closely with their faculty mentors, and faculty prepare our graduates for productive careers with increasing success.  Our undergraduates are promised hands-on research opportunities, which they get by joining dynamic research laboratories to conduct novel research, or working with industry leaders designing and building the next generation of technology. 

Dr Kepuska and grad student Sean Powers working on research

Success stems from unity among our departments and colleges, and among all individuals in a common effort to achieve important goals. 

Our faculty members maintain a keen interest in the welfare of students.  We nurture the hopes and dreams of the students who come here to pursue their educational goals and career aspirations, partly by relentlessly pursuing advancement in our own careers.

We are here because we are passionate about science and engineering. We work to instill these passions in our students and we use our enthusiasm to do bigger and better things for our students, for ourselves and for our university. 

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