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Timothy Crombie

Assistant Professor | Biomedical Engineering and Science

Contact Information
Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences 342

Personal Overview

My research interests include quantitative genetics, population genomics, and molecular ecology. I work primarily with Caenorhabditis elegans, a small free-living nematode species that has been central to no less than six Noble prizes! My research is focused on understanding how evolution has shaped the patterns of natural genetic diversity in the species and learning about the roles specific genetic variants play in influencing traits related to human health, such as environmental toxicant susceptibility. 

Educational Background

2005 BS Arizona State University

2015 PhD University of Florida

Professional Experience

2016 - 2017 Post-doctoral researcher University of Florida

2017 - 2023 Post-doctoral researcher Northwestern University

Current Courses

BIO4150 | BIO5522 Bioinformatics

Selected Publications

  1. Crombie TA, McKeown R, Moya ND, Evans KS, Widmayer SJ, LaGrassa V, Roman N, Tursunova O, Zhang G, Gibson SB, Buchanan CM, Roberto NM, Vieira R, Tanny RE, Andersen EC (2023) CaeNDR, the Caenorhabditis Natural Diversity Resource. Nucleic Acids Research, DOI:
  2. Widmayer SJ, Crombie TA, Nyaanga JN, Evans KS, and Andersen EC (2022) C. elegans toxicant responses vary among genetically diverse individuals, Toxicology, 479, p. 153292. DOI:

  3. Crombie TA, Battlay B, Tanny RE, Evans KS, Buchanan CM, Cook DE, Dilks CM, Stinson LA, Zdraljevic S, Zhang G, Roberto NM, Lee D, Ailion M, Hodgins KA, and Andersen EC (2022). Local adaptation and spatiotemporal patterns of genetic diversity revealed by repeated sampling of Caenorhabditis elegans across the Hawaiian Islands. Molecular ecology, 2022 Feb 15. DOI:
  4. Crombie TA, Zdraljevic S, Cook DE, Tanny RE, Brady SC, Wang Y, Evans KS, Hahnel S, Lee D, Rodriguez BC, Zhang G, van der Zwaag J, Kiontke KC, and Andersen EC (2019). Deep sampling of Hawaiian Caenorhabditis elegans reveals high genetic diversity and admixture with global populations. eLife, 2019 Dec 3; 8. pii: e50465. DOI:
  5. Zdraljevic S, Fox BW, Strand C, Panda O, Tenjo FJ, Brady SC, Crombie TA, Doench JG, Schroeder FC, and Andersen EC (2019). Natural variation in C. elegans arsenic toxicity is explained by differences in branched chain amino acid metabolism. eLife, 8. DOI:
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