Jian Du

Associate Professor | Mathematical Sciences

Program Chair of Applied Mathematics | Department of Mathematical Sciences

Contact Information
(321) 674-8912
Frederick C. Crawford Bldg, RM334

Educational Background

Ph.D. Stony Brook University, 2007

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, 2018-present

Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, 2012-2018

Current Courses

MTH 4201 Models in Applied Mathematics

MTH 5315 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Selected Publications

(Co-authors marked with * are my PhD students)

[1]  Modeling and Simulation of the Ion-Binding-Mediated Swelling Dynamics of Mucin-like Poly-electrolyte Gels. Jian Du, Owen Lewis, James Keener, Aaron Fogelson, Gels, 2021, accepted for publication. 

[2]  Enhancement of Active Swimming Near Fluid Interfaces. Avriel Cartwright*, Jian Du, ISAIC 2021

[3] Low Reynolds Number Swimming Near Interfaces in Multi-Fluid Media. Avriel Cartwright*, Jian Du, Applied Sciences, 11 (2021), 9109.

[4] Computational Investigation of Platelet Thrombus Mechanics and Stability in Stenotic Channels. Jian Du, Elise Aspray*, Aaron Fogelson, Journal of Biomechanics, 122 (2021), 110398.

[5] Low Reynolds Number Swimming with Slip Boundary Conditions. Hashim Alshehri*, Nesreen Althobaiti*, Jian DuInternational Conference on Computational Science, 12141 (2020), pp. 149–162.

[6] Clot Permeability, Agonist Transport, and Platelet Binding Kinetics in Arterial Thrombosis. Jian Du, Dongjune Kim, Ghadah Alhawael*, David Ku, Aaron Fogelson, Biophysical Journal, 119 (2020), pp. 2102-2115.

[7]  A Two-phase Mixture Model of Platelet Aggregation. Jian Du, Aaron Fogelson, Mathematical Medicine and Biology, 35 (2018), pp. 225-256. MMB Best Paper Award 2016-2017.

[8]  Evolution of Interfaces for the Nonlinear Double Degenerate Parabolic Equation of Turbulent Filtration with Absorption. Ugur Abdulla, Jian Du, Adam Prinkey, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 153 (2018), pp. 59-82.

[9]  An Immersed Boundary Method for Two-fluid Mixtures. Jian Du, Aaron Fogelson, Robert Guy, Journal of Computational Physics, 262 (2014), pp. 231-243.

[10]  Low Reynolds-Number Swimming in Two-phase Fluids. Jian Du, James Keener, Robert Guy, Aaron Fogelson, Physical Review E 85 (2012), 036304.

[11]  A Numerical Algorithm for MHD of Free Surface Flows at Low Magnetic Reynolds Numbers. Roman Samulyak, Jian Du, James Glimm, Zhiliang Xu, Journal of Computational Physics, 226 (2007), pp. 1532-1549.

[12]  A Simple Package for Front Tracking. Jian Du, Brian Fix, James Glimm, Xiaolin Li, et al., Journal of Computational Physics, 213 (2006), pp. 613-628.


Mathematical biology, modeling and numerical algorithms for biological fluid and fluid-structure interactions.

Current/Past Research Grants 

[1] Co-Investigator, NIH/NIGMS Grant (1R01GM131408), Modeling Gastric Mucus Layer Physiology, 2018 - 2022. Amount awarded to Florida Tech $169,108.

[2] Principal Investigator, NSF Mathematical Biology Grant (DMS-1715156), Collaborative Research: Blood Clotting at the Extreme - Mathematical and Experimental Investigation of Platelet Deposition in Stenotic Arteries, 2017 - 2020.  Amount awarded to Florida Tech $149,999.

[3] Co-Principal Investigator, NSF Focused Research Group Grant (DMS-1160432), Chemically-active Viscoelastic Mixture Models in Physiology: Formulation, Analysis, and Computation", 2012 - 2016.  Amount awarded to Florida Tech $87,000.

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