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Mathematics and Systems Engineering

Welcome To The Department Of Mathematics & Systems Engineering


The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Systems Engineering is to provide education in mathematics and in systems engineering with the goal of producing students with a strong mathematical foundation that enables them to create new knowledge, solve critical problems, collaboratively innovate and pursue excellence in mathematics and its applications to engineering fields; to nurture integration of ideas and open new avenues for interdisciplinary research in model-based systems engineering that includes adaptive, complex, enterprise, intelligent systems; to prepare the next generation of students capable of tackling the pressing issues of society. 

Department Head & Program Chairs

Contact information for all department faculty is available in the faculty directory.

Dr. Gnana Bhaskar Tenali, Ph.D.
Professor & Department Head - Mathematics and Systems Engineering
Jian Du, Ph.D.
Program Chair - Applied Mathematics
Munevver Mine Subasi, Ph.D.
Program Chair - Operations Research
Tom Marcinkowski, Ph.D.
Program Chair - Education & Interdisciplinary Sciences
Luis Daniel Otero, Ph.D.
Program Chair - Systems Engineering
Iliana Ramos-Cruz
Administrative Assistant
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