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Judith Strother

Emeritus Faculty | College of Psych. and Liberal Arts - School of Arts and Communication

Personal Overview

Dr. Judith Strother, Professor, directs the Master’s Degree Program in Global Strategic Communication at Florida Tech.  While she specializes in intercultural communication issues, corporate communication, and linguistics, she teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in communication.  She also teaches specialized seminars in technical writing at the Technical University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands as a Visiting Professor.

Dr. Strother is heavily involved in campus activities.  She sits on the Graduate Council, the Research Council, the University Promotions Committee, the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts Promotions Committee, and other committees.  She is Founder and Director of the Center for Communication Excellence.  She has been Faculty Advisor for the Florida Public Relations Association Student Chapter and Academic Advisor for Phi Sigma Sigma.  She chairs and organizes partnership activities between Florida Tech and University Park Elementary School.

She is active in professional organizations, including the International Communication Association, IEEE Professional Communication Association, and IASTED (International Association for Science and Technology for Educational Development,  and serves as a reviewer for several professional journals and international conferences.  Dr. Strother has authored over 60 publications including five books and numerous book chapters.  She also  regularly presents at national and international conferences.

Dr. Strother is a co-founder and Director of Content Development and Training for Aviation English Training, Inc., which delivers online aviation English training to international pilots.

Her community service includes working with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Operation Hope and giving presentations to civic and service organizations.

Educational Background

B.S. University of South Carolina
M.B.A. Florida Institute of Technology
M.A. Antioch University
Ph.D. Endhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Selected Publications

Strother, J. B., editor (in press).  Information Overload:  An International Challenge to Professional Communication Practices.  (co-editors, Jan M. Ulijn and Zohra Fazal).

Strother, J. B. (2010).  Scientific and Technical Writing Handbook:  Writing Journal Articles and Technical Reports.  Universiteitsdrukkerij, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Cultural Adaptation of Cybereducation (2009) in Culture, Communication, and Cyberspace:  Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments.  K. St.-Amant and F. Sapienza, eds., Amityville, NY:  Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.

The Theoretical Foundations of Service Leadership:  A New Paradigm (2009).  In Connecting People with Technology:  Issues in Professional Communication.  G. Hayhoe and H. Grady, eds., Amityville, NY:  Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.  (co-author, S. Grőnfeldt).

Legal and Ethical Issues of the Corporate Blogosphere (2009, September).  IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. 52(3), 243-253.  (co-authors Zohra Fazal and Melinda Millsap).

Service Leadership:  The Quest for Competitive Advantage (2006). California and London: Sage Publications.  (co-author, Svafa Grönfeldt). 

Crisis Communication Put to the Test:  The Case of Two Airlines on 9/11.  (2004).  IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 47(4), 290-300.

Effectiveness of Implementing Computer-Assisted Language Learning Technology in an English for Specific Purposes Training Program. (2004).International Journal of Learning. Originally presented at the 11th International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning held in Havana, Cuba, July 2004. (co-authors, C. Chiu, C. Serrano, R. Alford).

The Role of Dialects in the Language Learning Environment (2004) in Perspectives on Teaching English Language Learners. I. Heath and C. Serrano, eds. Newberry, FL: Glanzer Press.


Information overload and its effect on corporate communication

Research & Project Interests

Intercultural communication for global business as well as for the diversified US workforce

New media and their effects on corporate communication and culture

Online training, especially within the aviation industry

Technical communication

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