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Ivica Kostanic

Associate Professor | College of Engineering and Science - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Director | Wireless Center of Excellence (WiCE)

Contact Information
(321) 674-7189
F.W. Olin Engineering Complex, 304

Educational Background

B.S. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1993
M.S. Florida Institute of Technology 1996
Ph.D. University of Central Florida 2003

Professional Experience

Dr. Kostanic joined Florida Tech in 2003 as an assistant professor. He teaches mostly graduate level courses in areas of RF propagation, Communication theory and Wireless communication. Prior to joining FIT, Dr. Kostanic spent more than seven years working in wireless communication industry. He worked as a research engineer for Agilent Technologies, SAFCO Technologies and TEC Cellular. His work related experience is in the areas of wireless communication, cellular system design, quality of service and test and measurement equipment hardware and software systems.
In 2009, Dr. Kostanic was promoted the position of the Associate Professor.

Selected Publications

I. Kostanic, C. Subramanian, J. P. Pinelli, A. Valazquez,, C. Otero, A. Wittfieldt, L. Buist and T. Bronzwear, "Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring of the Hurricane Winds," Journal of Sensors, 2008.

C. E. Otero, I. Kostanic, L. D. Otero, "A Multi-Hop, Multi-Segment Architecture for Perimeter Security Over Extended Geographical Regions using Wireless Sensor Networks", Proceedings of 2008 IEEE Wireless Hive Networks Conference, Texas, August, 2008.

N. Mijatovic, I. Kostanic and Greg Evans, Use of Scanning Receivers for RF Coverage Analysis and Propagation Model Optimization in GSM Networks, submitted to IEEE European Wireless Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, June 22-25, 2008.

N. Mijatovic and I. Kostanic, Comparison of the Received Signal Measurement Techniques in GSM Cellular Networks, accepted for publication in the proceedings of 5th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Las Vegas, January 2008.

I. Kostanic and N. Faour, Automatic Radio Planning of GSM Cellular Networks, In proceedings of World Congress of Nonlinear Analysis, Orlando, FL, July 2004.

I. Kostanic and W. Mikhael, Independent Component Analysis Based QAM Receiver, accepted for publication in Digital Signal Processing- A Review Journal, 2003.

I. Kostanic, J. Zec and N. Faour, Sampling Criteria for Wideband Received Signal Measurements, in proc. of International Conference in Wireless Networks, Las Vegas, NV, June 2003, pp. 24-29.

F. M. Ham and I. Kostanic, Principles of Neural Networks for Science and Engineering, McGraw Hill Book, Co. International Series, New York, October 2000.


GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, cdma2000/EvDO, WiMAX and LTE systems (funded by QualiTest Technologies, Inc.)

Wireless Sensor Networks for monitoring of hurricane winds (funded by National Science Foundation)

Effects of atmospheric lightning on the launch vehicle electronics (funded by Analex/NASA)

Research & Project Interests

Dr. Kostanic and his students are conducting research in the area of wireless communication, wireless channel modeling, digital signal processing and system level simulation of wireless networks. Additionally, Dr. Kostanic has a strong background in neural networks. One of his principal research interests is in application of neural network based algorithms for performance optimization of cellular networks.

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