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Bo Wang

Assistant Professor | Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Contact Information

Educational Background

Ph.D. Chemistry (metabolomics), Miami University, May 2014

M.S. Chemical Engineering, Miami University, 2010

M.S. Environmental Engineering, Shandong University, China, 2007

B.S. Environmental Engineering, Shandong University, China, 2004

Selected Publications

  1. Wang, B., Habermehl, C. and Jiang, L., 2022. Metabolomic analysis of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) response to glyphosate exposure. Molecular Omics, 18(7), pp.635-642.

  2. Sullivan H, Wang B*, Jiang L. Investigation of tropical plant-based natural dyes combination and adsorption optimization for natural dye-sensitized solar cell. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, e13809. DOI: In press (*Co-Corresponding author)

  3. Jiang L, Sullivan H, Wang B*. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Loading and Statistical Tests for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Metabolomics Involving Multiple Study Groups. Analytical Letters. 2022:DOI: 10.1080/00032719.2021.2019758. In press (*Corresponding author)

  4. Jiang, L, Seligman, C; Wang, B*. NMR based metabolomics study on sea anemones Aiptasia Pallida under atrazine exposure. Molecular Omics, 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D1MO00223F (*Co-Corresponding author)

  5. Wang, B.*, Jiang, L. Principal component analysis applications in COVID-19 genome sequences studies. Cognitive Computation. 2021, 1-12 (*Corresponding author)

  6. Wang, B*., Maldonado-Devincci, A.M., Jiang, L. Evaluating line-broadening factors on a reference spectrum as a bucketing method for NMR based metabolomics. Analytical Biochemistry, 113872, 2020 (Corresponding author)

  7. Jiang, L.; Howlett, K.; Patterson, K.; Wang, B*., Introduction of a New Method for Two-Dimensional NMR Quantitative Analysis in Metabolomics Studies. Analytical Biochemistry 2020, 113692. (Corresponding author)

  8. Ahmadi, S.; Wang, S.; Nagpal, R.; Wang, B.; Jain, S.; Razazan, A.; Mishra, S. P.; Zhu, X.; Wang, Z.; Kavanagh, K., A human-origin probiotic cocktail ameliorates aging-related leaky gut and inflammation via modulating microbiota-taurine-tight junction axis. JCI insight 2020.

  9. Ahmadi, S.; Razazan, A.; Nagpal, R.; Jain, S.; Wang, B.; Mishra, S. P.; Wang, S.; Justice, J.; Ding, J.; McClain, D. A., Metformin reduces aging-related leaky gut and improves cognitive function by beneficially modulating gut microbiome/goblet cell/mucin axis. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A 2020.

  10. Patterson, K.; Howlett, K.; Patterson, K.; Wang, B*.; Jiang, L., Photodegradation of Ibuprofen and Four Other Pharmaceutical Pollutants on Natural Pigments Sensitized TiO2 nanoparticles. Water Environment Research 2020. ( Co-Corresponding author)


Dr. Wang’s research is highly interdisciplinary and he has worked on environmental science and engineering, solar cells, and metabolomics applications in human diseases and marine animals. His latest research is focused on metabolomics data interpretation approaches development using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and their applications in drug effect of food compounds discovery, animal response to combinational environmental pollutants, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and nutritional studies. He also works on instrumentation analysis using NMR and HPLC/MS in natural compounds discoveries for drug effects, natural dye studies for solar cells, and environmental pollutants photodegradation. Dr. Wang also serves on the editorial boards of journals such as Statistical Methods in Medical Research, and his research has been funded by NSF, NIH, DOD, and USDA.  

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