A walkway entering the botanical garden.
First Name Last Name From Comment Date
Hiromi Arita FL Just moved here.
Chase Bradley Melbourne
bryan kirshon melbourne Florida good morning I am bryan kirshon from Boston i am a retired biologist I want to subscribe to emails for the newsletter please i love the gardens.
Teresa Meulenberg Palm Shores Have lived here for almost 9 years after moving north from Islamorada I in the FL Keys. I had no idea Melbourne had such a beautiful Botanical Park and I look forward to visiting when summer goes & it's not so hot. Beautiful Job!
Mark Rossi Minnesota
Tom Mathison Melbourne, FL I enjoy my walks through the garden, thanks.
Matthew Thompson Merritt Island, FL Nothing like taking a break in the gardens. 8/21/23
Christian Smith Brighton, Michigan Came here for a college visit and we got to walk though the gardens it was super nice and relaxing coming here in January for school definitely will be spending more time here 7/2/23
Jocelyne Deschamps Montréal, Québec, Canada 8/26/23
Susan Hinde Hernando Beach, Florida Lovely gardens. We enjoyed very much. 8/31/23
Heather Bailey Malabar Taking a walk with my homeschooled kiddo 9/13/23
Christine Hanlon Oviedo, FL Beautiful! Awesome tour by the Pattersons! 9/23/23
Jeri-Lynn Page West Melbourne A beautiful serene tropical garden. 9/23/23
Scott Laniak Palm Bay I was very pleased to find such a magnificently beautiful garden and space in my new community :) I would like to be notified whenever my help is needed, or just appreciated, in the botanical gardens or in the ethos community garden. Thank you very much. Great job mrs. Paterson! 10/4/23
Nicholas Reynolds Palm Bay, FL Enjoyed a lovely day in the gardens taking prom pictures with a group of foreign exchange students attending Heritage High School. 4/1/23
Mary Baranski Melbourne Please put in a boardwalk to the Pagoda. 10/29/23
Kelley Reuterfors Tulsa,OK Lovely place! 11/24/23
Zachery Patterson Melbourne Was beautiful 1/10/24
Stacey & Jim Barlow Metamora, IL Beautiful even in winter! Look for the Alligator Snapping Turtle and his friends! 1/10/24
Elizabeth and Randall Starewicz Indiana We enjoyed being in the gardens immensely. It is a treasure to have this as part of a college experience. 1/20/24
Carol and Chris Wurster Bradford, PA We loved the gardens and the meandering paths but we found the signage to be lacking. Even finding the gardens was difficult. There needs to be information about parking in the red parking places. We had a friendly security guard help us find the gardens and then explained where to park. We had a wonderful visit with Joy at the end of our walk! 2/9/24
Logan Lysakowski Palm Bay, FL 2/22/24
Lisa Lysakowski Palm Bay, FL 2/22/24
Debra Gordon Indian harbour Beach, FL 3/1/24
Meredith Rodriguez Reed Adamstown MD, now living in Palm Bay Beautiful spot, great place to bring my son. Will be back 3/1/24
Nansi Tran N Richland Hills, TX I am wanting to take pictures for my First Look Photoshoot here on 04/20/2024 with an undetermined time! 4/20/24
Jenna Tarara Salem, NH 3/7/24
Ian Morse Chapel Hill, NC Fantastic! What a jewel of Melbourne and FIT. Hope zigzag bridge is restored soon. 3/17/24
Luke Jacobs Satellite Beach Lovely! 3/24/24
Gail Lancaster Adairsville, GA Second time visiting your lovely gardens. I can see so many improvements have been made...keep up the wonderful job/work!!! :D 3/23/24
Cheryl Geanacopoulos Melbourne, FL I've been enjoying the botanical gardens since 2002. Amazing transformation over the years. Loving all the wonderful additions, of sitting areas, turtle pond, etc. So peaceful! Very much looking forward to new additions you might have in store for us. Thank you, for all your hard work!!! 3/23/24
Mary Brower Indiana Beautiful! 4/4/24
Jazmataz Pauly Rippy Pelletier Bisbee Az 4/5/24
Amy Balaban Longwood, FL Beautiful gardens! 4/5/24
Emily Tenczar San Jose, California This is one of the prettiest botanical gardens I have ever seen! I love it, it is so clam and peaceful and the perfect place for a pleasant walk. 4/7/24
Justin Okland Mankato, MN 4/12/24
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