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Giving to Florida Tech

Parent Leadership Council

Members of the Parent Leadership Council support the university in the following vital ways.


Members contribute annually to the Panther Fund or other programs at the Galaxy Society Silver level or more. The average contribution of PLC members is about $5,000.
Some give capstone gifts before their student graduates to support area or program of their choice.


Members often host events, student receptions, Send Off parties, for students and prospective students in their areas.
Members often provide mentorship for current students and internships and externships in the businesses.


Members bring their expertise and perspective to bear on opportunities and challenges the university faces. Members serve as advocates and ambassadors for the university in their communities.


Members are invited to biannual meetings on campus to learn about and provide input for Florida Tech in all areas, from admissions, to campus life, to academic programs, athletics, marketing and communications, development and career services. They have social experiences to get to know one another and presentations from world-renowned faculty.