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Giving to Florida Tech

Letter from the Senior Vice President

Gary Grant VP DevelopmentFlorida Tech is always on the move.

As a kid, I was a huge Star Trek fan, excited like others by the idea of a diverse team of people working together to boldly go where no one has gone before. Florida Tech is like that.

In its beginnings, Florida Tech was THE university serving the space center and aerospace industry, but quickly also pioneered education in computer sciences, oceanography, electrical engineering, aeronautics and aviation and many other fields. As we have grown into a nationally renowned top-tier university, we have added new areas of strength such as autism research and care and an outstanding business school to complement our STEM focus.

We have the strength and effectiveness of a small college. This truly is the best form of education and I believe is the major reason our graduates shine so brightly in their fields.  Whether on campus or through the extended and online programs, Florida Tech believes in personalized education, participation, and hands-on learning.

I have the distinct pleasure of meeting amazingly successful alumni across the nation and the world. The sheer number of graduates who have excelled in their careers and who are making a difference in their fields and in their communities is striking. I've enoyed touring SMECO with Ken Capps ’81, who provides electrical power throughout Southern Maryland. I've appreciated earning from Derek Novak, ’94 how the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) helps to ensure the security of life, property and the environment in the global marine industry. I've been inspired by Jean Floyd who launched the largest airplane ever. And I was honored to get to know Sungjin Park ’03 Ph.D, President and CEO of the Vine Corporation in Korea, whose technology is in over 30 million mobile phones.

Every alum I have met, without exception, cites their experience at the university as a major force in their lives and an essential part of their success. Just consider how the thousands of Florida Tech alumni are collectively contributing to our society!

And the parents too.  They are a vital part of our family and share a critical stake in our success on behalf of their children, our students. Their engagement has been so rewarding to me personally and is breathing new wind in our sails.

My team's goal is to engage alumni, parents, and friends in growing this great Enterprise (puns always intended). 

Our alumni, parents and friends have so much to offer to students and to our mission. Philanthropy is a leading part of that. We need alumni and others to give broadly and boldly. But just as critically, we need leadership involvement. We need alumni to work with the colleges and departments and in many cases directly with the students to share experiences and wisdom and to create a network that grows stronger and stronger every year.

We look forward this year to you joining us as we help take Florida Tech where no university has gone before.


Gary Grant