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Letter From The Senior Vice President

Gary Grant VP DevelopmentThe new 2023/24 year is underway and Florida Tech is ready to go with our new President and an excitement for boundless possibilities.

What do you think the ideal future is for Florida Tech? Will it bring us toward the dream of being an R1 Research Institution? Might we build on our great strength in providing students with the kind of learning experience that has led to so many successful alumni? Will the future see innovations, new and exciting facilities, and programs that help us graduate the kind of employees that companies and organizations most want to hire?

The possibilities are exciting and your voice will be a part of steering that course for Florida Tech. Whether you are a graduate, a parent of a student, or a community or industry friend, your perspective matters.

I hope you find it as meaningful to engage and support this University and this mission as I do.

Thank you for all you do and for giving your time, your talent, and your philanthropy to Florida Tech!


Gary Grant

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