Chadley M. Rhodes Memorial Scholarship


General Endowment


$300,812 (2021)

Year Established



In memory of Chadley Rhodes. (GF000025)


Established in 1988, the program provides one or more annual scholarships of a minimum of $1,000 to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Aeronautics who are citizens of the United States. The Florida Tech Office of Financial Aid administers the scholarships. Each recipient must be a U.S. citizen and a full-time student majoring in an aeronautics program. Recipients must have reached the junior level of study (sixty semester hours or more), must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, and must demonstrate significant financial need. If a recipient continues to meet all award requirements, the scholarship can be continued for two years.


Joe Flammio, Ralph McKee, and Robert Graham Ferrell were the first contributors to the fund. Joe started a fund-raising effort to increase the endowment. Keener Smathers notified the family of Chad regarding Joe’s interest in raising the total contributions to the scholarship fund to the endowment level. The scholarship became an endowed fund in 1995. The initial principal of the fund may be added to later by others, and shall be invested by Florida Tech and the income therefrom used annually to provide one or more scholarships in an amount determined by the Scholarship Committee. The scholarship awarded will be a minimum of $1,000, but shall not exceed the interest earned by the fund principal. The recipient of the scholarship shall be selected by Florida Tech’s Scholarship Committee. Accrued income in excess of the amount necessary for the scholarship shall be added to the principal of the fund. If no scholarship is awarded in any one year, the accrued income she be added to the principal of the fund. Florida Tech shall advise the Rhodes Family Scholarship of the name of the recipient each year.


1996                            Jeffrey Orkin

                                        David Jamieson

1997                            Jeffrey Orkin                          

1998                            Joel Ridbeck

1999                            Sarah K. Goode

2000                            Sarah K. Goode

2001                            Sarah K. Goode

                                        David Eric Greene

2002                            Benjamin F. Chiles                 

2003                            Rafael A. Melendez

                                        Scott Sindel

2004                            Ryan Holmgren

                                        Brandon Holmgren

                                        Scott Sindel

2005                            Bradley P. Coffran

                                        Adam R. Kline

                                        Erdem Serifoglu

2006                            Nickolas Cepeda

                                        Sean Gavin

                                        Rachel Gorman

2007                            Laura D. Feja

                                        Dana William Messier

                                        Steven Nesbitt

2008                            Matthew Belew

                                        Laura D. Feja

                                        Dana William Messier

                                        Mark Edward Reynolds

2009                            Pericles Maranhao Neto

                                        Matthew Belew

                                       John Henson

                                        Marissa Weselak

2010                            Alyssa Danos

                                       John Henson

                                       Lowell Huntington

                                       Francine Kelly

                                       William Wing

2011                            Chad Civetti

                                        Francine Kelly

2012                            Daniel Schoenberg

                                        Kristopher Jackson

                                        Erikka Husted

2013                            Kristopher Jackson

                                        Kyle John Piscopo

                                        Robert John Himler

                                       Erikka Husted

2014                            Kyle John Piscopo

                                        Robert John Himler

                                        Sara Bienvenu

                                        Ronald Abda

2015                            Robert John Himler

                                        Sara Bienvenu

                                        Daniel Phenicle

2016                            Daniel John Lumetta

                                        Robert John Himler

                                        Joseph Michotek

                                        Kyle Stevens

                                        John Doerr

                                        Michael McDonnell

                                        Nicholas Flower

                                        Angel Colchado

                                        Alexander L. Michaels

                                        Ryan Klempin

2017                            Chesapeake Gustin

                                        Jeffrey Feinstein

                                        Ryan Klempin

                                        Alexander L. Michaels

                                        Robert John Himler

                                        Brian Poynter 

                                        Angel Colchado

                                        Michael McDonnell               

2018                            Chesapeake Gustin

                                        Brian Poynter

                                        Bradley Horton

                                        Robert John Himler

                                        Angel Colchado

2019                            Daniel Beyer

                                        Alexander Cote

                                        Darian Sotomi

2020                            Daniel Beyer

                                        Donald Cromie

2021                            Donald Cromie                                       

                                        Alexander Tapia Rios 

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go to Panther Fund and use the "other" designation to identify that you wish to give to this named endowment fund.