Naming Opportunities

There is perhaps no better, more lasting, or more literal way to make  your mark at Florida Tech than to name a part of campus that means something to you.

We are proud to offer the Florida Tech Family the opportunity to honor important people, dates and organizations by bestowing a name upon a certain element of the Florida Tech property. Florida Tech has a large variety of facilities you may choose from to adopt as a naming opportunity. From rooms inside the Scott Center for Autism Treatment to the Brick Terrace outside the Keuper Building, many opportunities are available. All naming opportunities will be established and maintained in accordance with the Florida Tech Naming Policy.

Priority physical naming opportunities include the new Health Sciences Building, the coming Mertens Marine Science Center, the Scott Center for Autism Treatment, and the Joy and Gordon Patterson Botanical Garden.

In addition, the following represent the most important naming opportunities for supporting faculty and students.

Faculty Chairs ($2M)

Faculty Chairs allow Florida Tech to recruit and retain the best faculty in their fields.  For a donor, a faculty chair provides perpetual recognition that will, over time, create a long line of outstanding academic leaders. Faculty chairs secure the university's ability to sustain their specific area of study, research and teaching. They add distinction and recognition to the university and its departments.

Faculty Professorships ($100,000 or more)

A professorship at Florida Tech supports the research of its appointed faculty member.  These are awarded to distinguished faculty who have exhibited outstanding achievement and/or promise of achievement in their fields. Funding from the professorship is used by the faculty member to advance their research and academic programs as a critical part of the university's mission. Examples include giving faculty holders the ability to conduct pilot research projects or to support student research under their supervision. 

Student Fellowship Funds ($100,000 or more)

Fellowship Funds are awarded by faculty primarily in support of graduate students.  These funds allow students to pursue research projects as part of their education and to participate in conferences, symposia, field trips and other relevant activities for their development professionally. Fellowships are especially important for promising future researchers and academics and can play a role in supporting them during the most vital early years of their careers.

Student Scholarship Funds ($25,000 to $1M or more)

One of the most essential giving opportunities for Florida Tech are scholarship funds which allow the university to support students. Every student who is qualified to attend Florida Tech should be able to afford to come regardless of their family financial circumstances.  For this reason, need-based scholarships are particularly important. In addition, merit-based awards help Florida Tech to recruit the most talented students who will bring to the campus particular academic strength, curiosity and potential to excel.


All giving opportunities are subject to discussion with the philanthropy team to ensure that they will accomplish the donor's goals consistently with the needs of the university.


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