Named Spaces

Florida Tech is grateful for the individuals who have contributed to the development of Florida Tech's facilities. Named spaces range from classes and offices, to conference rooms and laboratories, to entire buildings and floors. In every case, the spaces named contribute to the mission of Florida Tech in a lasting way.

We invite individuals, foundations and corporations who believe in the value of exemplary higher education to name space at the university. According to renowned educator and engineer Charles Kettering, "The greatest thing this generation can do is lay a few stepping stones for the next generation." Gifts to name spaces do precisely that.

Title (Name) Location Year Established
Gordon Nelson Health Sciences Building Olin Quad 2022
Ted and Melissa Parker Early Intervention Classroom The Scott Center for Autism 2019
Vik and Sandy Verma Lobby The Scott Center for Autism 2019
Fred & Meredith Sutton Functional Assessment Area and Playground The Scott Center for Autism 2019
Joy and Gordon Patterson Botanical Garden Botanical Garden 2021
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