Greek Life

How To Join

Fraternities and Sororities can help you find your place on campus - quite simply, they are a home away from home. They offer academic assistance and support; they encourage you to participate in many varied campus activities and other organizations that will further enrich your life and collegiate experience; they open the doors of opportunity for campus leadership and networking with alumni upon graduation; they help you develop strong social skills and give you the opportunity to create life-long friendships with similar interests and goals/ambitions; they foster educational awareness of current social and at-hand issues in the world.

Becoming a member of a Fraternity or Sorority is really quite easy. Each council holds recruitment events where you can come out, meet new friends, and enjoy new experiences.

Schedule of Events

Fall 2018 Schedules will be posted mid-July.

Please follow @floridatech_greeklife for information too.

Want more information on joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

Just email for more information!!

The Truth about Greek Life


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