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Student Housing

About Campus Housing

Florida Tech is very proud of its student housing because it's more than just a simple room or apartment. A variety of services and activities are provided that make it feel more like a community. The campus continues to renovate and upgrade facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our student body. 

Freshman Student Housing Options

Freshman Housing Assignments

Freshman housing assignments will be sent out the week on July 8, 2019.  Assignments are done by application dates and we will do our best to accommodate dorm/roommate preferences. 

Room Change Requests

Room change requests will be taken during the third week of the semester, the request are reviewed on a case by case basis and processed on an individual basis pending space availability. Space is limited and reassignment is not guaranteed. You are encouraged to with with your RA and RD staff to assist you with any roommate concerns you may be experiencing. 

Freshman Two-Year Residency Requirement

Recent research of college students across the nation shows that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate than their commuting peers. Residence hall programming also enhances a student's educational experience by providing the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities and programs. Students find that with this involvement they achieve more professional growth and are stronger candidates when pursuing their career goals. 

Florida Institute of Technology established an educational based policy requiring all new full-time freshman to reside in university housing and participate in a meal plan for their first two years in college. (For the complete policy, please see the Student Handbook available at

Note: If you are a first year student (or student with fewer than 56 credit hours), do not sign an off-campus lease unless you have received an exemption to the Two-Year Residency Requirement by the Dean of Students office.

Sophomores through Seniors and Graduate Students Housing Options

Freshman through Graduate Students Housing

Greek Village and FIT Sophomores through Senior Housing Options:

Please Note:
Spectrum provides Florida Tech Residence halls with a digital signal cable hook-up. Therefore, all televisions must be able to receive digital signal. Digital conversion boxes are not available through Spectrum. Please check to see that the television you plan to bring with you to campus will receive a digital signal before you arrive in August.  

Housing Deposit: Part or all of a student housing deposit may be forfeited upon check-out if the assigned room, apartment or common areas are in need of repairs, replacement, maintenance, disinfection, extermination or cleaning.  Upon graduation or permanent check-out from FIT housing, students must submit a housing deposit request form within 60 days of the last enrollment.  Once the request is received and processed, it will be credited to the student account, less any damages or assessments.  Deposits over 60 days from the last enrollment will be forfeited. 

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