Campus Housing

Stand in the Quad at noon on a Monday and you can truly feel the pulse of Florida Tech. The Quad is centrally located on campus, and just a hop, skip, and a jump to your classes, labs, the library, and your friends. Not to mention a popular venue for clubs and organizations to host their events.

The Residence Quad offers a variety of housing options for students and it puts you in the center of the extra-curricular activites on campus.  

Campbell Hall is a freshman only traditional style where students live in a double occupancy room and with a shared bath. 

Wood, Grissom, and Shaw Hall are for students with sophomore and above also a traditional style where students live in a double occpuancy room with a shared bath. 

Brownlie Hall and Evans Hall are also for sophomore and above students and provide students with both single and double occupancy options.  One of the best features of the Quad buildings is they are near the Rathskeller Eatery and Black Kats Cafe located on the ground floor of Evans Hall.   


Residence Halls