Construction Management

Research areas for construction management faculty are project management, sustainable construction, construction materials and methods, risk management and computer modeling. Construction project management topics include project delivery systems, project performance evaluation and productivity. Sustainable construction areas include energy-efficient residential and commercial construction, renewable energy systems, project lifecycle energy projections, microgrid/smartgrid development and integration and green/smart buildings. Construction materials and methods research includes innovative materials and techniques for rapid construction, use of reclaimed asphalt, chemical soil stabilization with asphalt emulsion, cement and lime. Risk management includes risk mitigation during construction and operation of projects, disaster mitigation and disaster response. Computer modeling includes rapid construction prototyping using 3D, 4D and 5D building information modeling (BIM) and use of BIM for as-built construction drawings and facility operations.

The construction management program uses the civil engineering materials, geotechnical and transportation, laboratories for materials and soil-related research. Several computer laboratories are available for BIM related research. Additionally, the construction management program is in the process of building a high-energy efficient building on campus that will be used as a hands-on laboratory during construction and operation.

Faculty research has been supported through the Florida Department of Transportation, Turkish Airlines, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs – Office of Energy, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Junyong Ahn's areas of focus include construction project delivery systems, construction project performance evaluation, construction productivity, construction project risk management and innovative construction techniques.

 Dr. Albert Bleakley’s areas of focus include, reclaimed asphalt, chemical soil stabilization (asphalt emulsion, cement, lime), construction contract management, disaster response and building Information Modeling (BIM).

 Dr. Troy Nguyen’s areas of focus include renewable energy and power systems integration, high energy-efficiency residential and commercial building construction, Microgrid/Smartgrid development and integration and building Information Modeling (BIM) applications for rapid construction prototyping.


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