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The Florida Tech Faculty Handbook is a core governance document of the Florida Tech academic community. The Faculty Handbook establishes university governance, faculty rights, faculty responsibilities, and academic policies. Among the most important academic policies defined by the Faculty Handbook are those related to teaching, scholarship, advising, appointment, tenure and promotion. Policies and guidelines of the Faculty Handbook apply to the Florida Tech faculty as defined in FH 1.4, Article I, Section 1. Other documents maintained by administrative offices, such as Human Resources and the Office of Sponsored Programs, apply to all Florida Tech employees, including faculty. Faculty are expected to follow all university-wide policies and procedures. Colleges and other academic units may establish internal academic policies that supplement the Faculty Handbook but they may not supersede or replace those found in the Faculty Handbook.

The Faculty Handbook includes the academic faculty and Faculty Senate constitution and bylaws, sections describing faculty guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards, and a brief history and mission of the university.

Revisions to the Faculty Handbook are made annually and require approval by a simple majority vote of the Faculty Senate and approval by the university president (excluding FH 1.4). Changes to the Faculty Handbook take effect at the beginning of the academic year following their approval. This process is described in FH 1.6. Each updated edition of the Faculty Handbook has a unique revision date and summary of substantive changes from the prior version. The handbook is accessed from the university website.

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