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School of Psychology News

Keep up on all the news happening in the School of Psychology.

Outside of the Box Electives
Picking a good elective is one way to get the most out of a college education. Check out these unique and interesting Florida Tech electives!
Space Coast Bucket List
Florida Tech is a one-of-a-kind school in a one-of-a-kind locale. Check out this list of must-dos to kick-start your Space Coast bucket list!
ASD Study Looks at Monkeys as Possible Models
New research looks at rhesus macaque monkeys as a model for social impairments observed in autism spectrum disorder.
‘You’re Not Here By Accident’: Through Example, Alumnus Justin Flowers Leads His Community Toward Growth and Connection
Florida Tech alumnus Justin Flowers talks giving back to his community, resiliency and knowing that you are enough.
Bennett Elected to APA Council of Representatives
A nationally recognized trauma expert, Bennett will be one of two Council representatives from the Trauma Psychology Division.
Chavez Wins Grant to Train Clinicians in Parent Child Interaction Therapy
The clinical research from this initiative will contribute to the literature on expanding the applicability of evidence-based treatments to Black and Latino populations.
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