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Psychology Science Minute

Psychology Science Minute shares brief (one minute long) summaries of current psychological science research and its importance to your life. 

Why present one minute spots for psychological science?

  1. There’s been exciting progress in psychology.  It has made a difference in our lives, as have other scientific discoveries in the past 50 years.
  2. People really don’t know many ideas are based on psychological research. They may be surprised to learn about the varying specialties of expertise within our field.
  3. People may benefit from consulting a psychologist but do not do so because:
    • There is still a stigma at seeing a psychologist, unlike other professionals such as auto mechanics, medical doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and other professionals providing expertise
    • They don’t know what psychologists do differently from counseling, social workers, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals
    • They do not understand that there is a science of psychology that is the basis for the profession.
  4. There are many myths about psychology that people should know are untrue.
  5. There are many small bits of scientific based facts that would be helpful in everyone’s daily lives and thus implemented by many if we dispersed them more widely.
  6. Messages can be timely...Health care, violence, sexual abuse, conflict, torture, politics of opinion polls, basis for laws and new policies...are periodically in the news.
  7. We have a responsibility to educate the public about our science.


Image Number Title Date
472 Marijuana and Mental Health December 15, 2021
471 It’s Not All Fun and Games December 08, 2021
470 Spacing and Pacing December 01, 2021
321 Political Message Impact June 20, 2018
473 Productive Penmanship 11/29/2021
474 Work Stress Affects Working Out 12/29/2021
475 Signs of Self-Harm 1/5/2022
476 Enjoying Education 01/12/2022
478 Lights, Sleep, Action 1/26/2022
477 Autism in Females 1/19/2022
480 Sleep and Suppression 2/9/2022
479 Cost Effective Care 02/02/2022
483 Dress for Survival 3/16/2022
482 Hearing Voices 02/23/2022
481 COVID Stress and Partner Aggression 02/16/2022
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