Research Council

Florida Tech’s Research Council was established to foster research excellence and growth of Florida Tech’s research programs, including expanding the breadth of researchers with active research programs and increasing the depth of current and emerging research programs.  Each year the faculty committee, with administrative support provided by the Office of Sponsored programs, strives to achieve this by reviewing and recommending operations and strategic activities to include areas of policy, new initiatives, and programs for continuous improvement and growth in the research environment at Florida Tech. 

This includes supporting the Provost’s Office in implementation of the Institutional Research Incentive (IRI), a program that reinvests returned overhead from externally funded grants into current and emerging Florida Tech research programs, accessible to Principal Investigators who have been awarded external grants, as well as faculty who apply for funding through their colleges.  The Research Council is also a mechanism for increasing communication between administrators, faculty, researchers, and staff to evolve our research roadmaps with the intent of increasing research funding and notoriety

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