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Student Organizations

Students Have Helped Drive Many Campus and Community Innovations 

There are a variety of student organizations at Florida Tech that work directly & indirectly on sustainability issues, often together (e.g., Earth Week, Homecoming, etc.).  Access to information on all F.I.T. student organizations is easy using Panther Prowl.  Student organizations working sustainability issues include:

  • Student Organization for Sustainability Action:  SOSA works to bring best practices in sustainability to the Florida Tech campus and community.  The organization manages projects and events on- and off-campus, many tied to academic sustainability initiatives.  These students are campus leaders on varied events for Earth Week and other green activities, with diverse partners on campus and in the greater Space Coast community. 
  • Residence Life Sustainability Committee:  This committee is composed of Residence Hall Advisors and Directors from all campus housing areas.  These undergraduate and graduate students created the Ethos Community Garden.  Among other green activities they also manage: a) the Live Green program to competitively reduce energy use on campus, and b) the Leave Green program to recycle materials during the end-of-year move-out. 
  • Florida Tech Student Government Association (SGA):  SGA acts as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, and administration by presenting programs and activities that reflect consensus priorities of the student body.  SGA is a leading partner with many sustainability activities around campus.
  • Community Garden Club:  This organization operates the Ethos Community Garden and generates diverse harvests of food in the Residential Quad on campus.  This work includes organizing volunteers and renters, maintaining garden production at full potential, and sustaining sponsor relationships.  The club catalyzes student involvement in the garden and helps advance sustainability on campus and in the community.
  • Squamish:  An environmentally-focused student group, with interests in activism, awareness, and social networking.  The keepers of The Jungle, Squamish participates in jungle and beach clean-ups. 
  • Alpha Phi Omega:  A service organization that initiated recycling on campus before our Facilities Operations Dept. enacted institution-wide recycling.  The organization also participates in other activities from campus clean-ups to fundraising for rainwater collection barrels.

To add your F.I.T. student org to these lists, please contact

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