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Want to know exactly when your course access expires?  Login to Canvas on the web (desktop browser only), click on your course, and check the upper left corner of your screen.  Note: this will not work on the Canvas app or mobile browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

CE, or Continuing Education, courses are typically short, targeted content workshops and may be taken by anyone to hone their skill set for career, personal development; or to meet requirements to hold or retain certain licenses.

CEUs, or continuing education units, are used to gauge knowledge and time spent in a course or studying a certain topic.

Florida Tech’s CE courses can be for anyone but are specifically made for people in or interested in the field of behavior analysis. Parents, teachers, behavior analysts, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, individuals who work or live with persons with special needs, students seeking their degree in applied behavior analysis or psychology and students seeking their BCBA® or BCaBA® certification may find these courses enlightening. 

Some courses earn credit for popular human resource professional organizations SHRM® or HRCI®.  You can search for either organization in our catalog to show only eligible courses.  Confirm before enrolling by noting which organization and the number of credits that are earned on the enrollment page.

 In addition to providing instruction for individuals working people with special needs, Florida Tech also offers CEs that can be applied to other fields that require human contact.  Our organizational behavior management (OBM) courses appeal to a wide range of professionals across many industries.

Our courses are administered through the Canvas LMS and your computer must meet Canvas’ requirements. 

You will need a computer and internet connection fast enough to handle the types of media you will view in each course. The type of browser used will impact your experience. We strongly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox from a dedicated PC or laptop. Please review the following page to determine if your system is compatible with the Canvas Instructure LMS requirements. A computer that meets or exceeds the following specifications is required:

  • High-speed internet connection (cable, DSL or better)
  • Operating system:
    • Windows 10 or higher
    • Mac OS 11 Big Sur or higher
  • Computer must have:
    • Administrative rights on the computer (most home computers) or
    • An IT department that can install necessary software (most work computers) 
    • Speakers or headphones to hear audio broadcast
    • Google Chrome (most current version) required, Firefox or Edge will also work
    • PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader

Florida Tech provides a wide array of CEs available at any time to fit your needs and schedule. The same teams responsible for our ABA Online programs built our CE courses.  You can be sure you are getting quality instruction with each course.

All the CE courses are 100% online and on demand, unless otherwise noted.  Additionally, there are no extra materials required to purchase to complete our courses.

The courses vary in length. In general, you will view 50 minutes of video per 1 credit offered.  You can find the number of credit hours per course at the top of each enrollment page.

Please review the time limit on each course enrollment page before enrolling.  Most CE courses come with 60-days access, but a few have 90-days access.  

The clock starts immediately, from the date and time of enrollment. 

Want to know exactly when your course access expires? 

  • Login to Canvas on the web (desktop browser only)
  • click on your course,
  • and check the upper left corner of your screen. 
  • Note: this will not work on the Canvas app or mobile browser.

You should receive your course invite within minutes of registering, occasionally it may take up to 30 minutes.  Occasionally, the invite is sent to your spam/junk folder incorrectly.  You can check there, or login using the following link after activating your account: 

Important: If you are also enrolled in a degree or certificate program with us, you will login to your courses at two separate instances of Canvas.  For-credit and non-credit courses are not housed together.

Florida Tech does not offer extensions past the expiration date. If you need to repurchase, please email us at for assistance.

Once you have finished all modules, you need to fill out and submit the Completion Survey at the end of the course. This will start the generation process of your certificate of completion, and you will be emailed a copy.  

You can always view and download your generated certificates in Canvas Catalog at the following link -

Florida Tech CE courses are considered events by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and do not have a formal syllabus. They are not didactic or synchronous courses. 

You will only need to submit your certificate of completion to the BACB to document the credits earned.  Please classify it as an ACE event. 

Check the enrollment page for the type and number of CEU’s earned.  Some courses may offer more than one type.  For example, the 8-hour supervision course earns either 10 learning CEU’s or 10 supervision CEU’s (you cannot earn both).

The provider number is on the bottom left corner of the certificate you receive after completing the course.  You must submit the survey at the end of each course so the system will generate your certificate of completion.

Feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Emails are answered in the order in which they are received.

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