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Exceptional Supervisor Certificate

The Exceptional Supervisor Certificate course teaches individuals core competencies needed for navigating the common challenges leaders often face in their workplace, including communication, delegation, analyzing and improving performance problems, engaging employees, self- and time management, project management, managing generational and employee differences, managing change and decision-making. Also teaches foundational concepts from behavioral science and techniques for applying them to these common challenges in the workplace, all derived from the field of organizational behavior management (OBM). Employs behavioral science in its instructional design to enhance learning outcomes and behavior change.

Navigating the Canvas Course

There are 10 modules in this certificate course, and each module is divided into sections. 

  1. Introduction to the Exceptional Supervisor Certificate: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Core Competencies 
  2. Communicating with Purpose: Leveraging Your Most Powerful Tool to Make a Positive Impact 
  3. Mastering Delegation: Empowering Others to Achieve Results 
  4. From Correcting to Engaging: Linking Performance Solutions to the Root Cause 
  5. Managing Time (So It Doesn’t Manage You) 
  6. Everyday Project Management: Navigating the Five Phases with Key Tools and Tactics 
  7. Bridging the Generational Divide: Maximizing the Performance of a Multigenerational Team 
  8. Developing Your People for Success and Growth: Helping Employees Achieve Goals Linked to Business Needs 
  9. Embracing and Encouraging Change: Bringing Out the Best in Changes for You and Your Team 
  10. The Art and Science of Decision Making: Enhancing the Decision Making Process with Key Tools and Techniques  


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