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Our Mission

The mission of the College of Aeronautics is to prepare students for success and advancement in the aviation professions; advance aviation knowledge through faculty and student research, scholarly activity and projects; and encourage and enable student and faculty service to the university, community and aviation professions.

Educational Goals

The educational goals for all College of Aeronautics programs are:

  1. The culminating experience course(s) is (are) successfully completed, and at least 80 percent of all program graduates are employed full-time in a major-related occupation within six months following graduation, or are enrolled in graduate school; and
  2. At least 95 percent of program graduates describe their Florida Tech education for their current job or graduate study as adequate or better.
  3. Additionally, graduates of flight programs must successfully complete a Commercial Pilot-Airplane with Instrument Rating Pilot Certificate and the required elective flight courses. At least one course must be completed in a multi-engine airplane.

Graduate Outcomes

Each graduating class is sent a survey six months after graduation that measure post-graduation employment or educational status, the respondent’s description of how well they believe their education prepared them for their current position or major, employment status, and salary level. These measures help demonstrate that our graduates possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to competently and ethically function in the aviation industry. For example, the graduating class of December 2014 and May 2015 reported that 98% were either employed, in the military, or in graduate school. 61% of respondents felt that they were exceptionally well prepared or more than adequately prepared by Florida Tech for their job or for graduate school - 39% felt they were adequately prepared. These results are supported by previous years’ results showing similar levels of employment and satisfaction with their education.

2013-14 College of Aeronautics Graduates Survey

2014-15 College of Aeronautics Graduates Survey

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