Florida Tech Alumnus Donates Prize-Winning Unmanned Aircraft
A university graduate's contribution may serve as inspiration for aviation students studying at George M. Skurla Hall.
First-in-the-Nation Electric Plane Energizes Career Aspirations of Aerospace Engineering Student
Senior Elise Medhus says the Velis Electro will provide unique research opportunities not available at other universities.
Florida Tech First University to Own and Fly Electric Plane
A first-in-the-nation acquisition will allow for hands-on learning and important research on a new and timely aspect of aviation.
Buehler Grant Supports Historic First Electric Plane at Florida Tech
The Buehler Perpetual Trust is a generous supporter of Florida Tech aviation, giving $3.7 million towards training, research and education.
Air Taxis? Vertiports? New Course at Florida Tech Explores Urban Air Mobility
With $10 billion invested, and a market that is attracting interest from major companies and startups, UAM is a growing force in aviation.