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Areas of Study


Our degrees in communication prepare graduates to meet today’s ever-growing demand for skilled communicators who have specialized backgrounds in strategic communication, public relations, media production, multiplatform journalism, and marketing communication. The curriculum emphasizes a strong foundation in applied and conceptual courses that focus on written and oral communication and the use of multiple media platforms to effectively and ethically communicate to diverse audiences. As an undergraduate, major in Multiplatform Journalism or Strategic Communication, or earn your master’s degree in Global Strategic Communication.

Humanities and Humanities-Prelaw

The humanities programs at Florida Tech challenge students to engage with the world around them. Creative and innovative interdisciplinary research is at the core of our programs, allowing students to become active participants in the world through critical thinking, introspection and analysis.

The humanities programs are interdisciplinary in focus, and our courses provide students with a forum to critically reflect on the ideas and practices that are at the foundation of all disciplines. While all Florida Tech students have the opportunity to take humanities courses, our majors and minors are able to sustain those conversations in a broad range of topics. Our courses are taught by award-winning faculty who have expertise in various academic disciplines such as art history, cultural and media studies, history, law, literature, music, philosophy and political science.


The Music Program complements Florida Tech’s tradition in the sciences by engaging students in creative activity and enrichment. All students no matter the major are welcome into the study of music, from beginners learning a new instrument to advanced performers honing their craft. With instruction ranging from solo to large ensemble and with humanities electives reflecting a variety of genres and styles, there is something for everyone. Students who are active in music courses form a tight-knit community and build friendships that last beyond graduation and those who pursue the Music Minor acquire a diverse set of skills to complement their major and future career. A team of dedicated music faculty with an open door policy provide great flexibility in developing music courses and experiences that interest Florida Tech students most. 

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