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Communication Programs

For the best investment into the future, start your higher education with Florida Tech’s communication programs. We are dynamic, diverse, and different. 

Students can earn Bachelor of Science degrees in Strategic Communication and Multiplatform Journalism as well as a Master of Science degree in Global Strategic Communication. Florida Tech also offers a minor in communication and an accelerated Fast Track Master’s degree in Global Strategic Communication. 

Our degrees prepare graduates to meet today’s ever-growing demand for skilled communicators who have specialized backgrounds in strategic communication, public relations, multimedia journalism, media production, communicating science and technology, marketing communication, and social media, to name a few. 

Multiplatform Journalism 

Prepare for the age of diverse digital media with Florida Tech’s Multiplatform Journalism degree 

Florida Tech trains students for journalism careers ranging from multimedia journalist to investigative reporter with opportunities for portfolio-building experiences before graduation. Diverse employment options demand that a multiplatform journalism program provide students with a breadth of skills essential for today’s global communication environment. 

Strategic Communication 

Develop the expertise of a public relations degree with the diversity of integrated marketing communication 

The strategic communication program incorporates public relations, advertising, organizational communication, and intercultural communication to enhance students’ abilities to communicate strategically while building favorable relationships with key stakeholders in a variety of fields. A strategic communication degree provides mastery of research, analysis, critical thinking, and technology, developing graduates who can offer strategic counsel in a leadership capacity for any organization. 

Global Strategic Communication, M.S.

The master’s program in Global Strategic Communication equips students with the theory-based knowledge and analytical skills necessary to develop and implement communication strategies for globalized organizations. Offering an interactive curriculum in an intimate, collegial setting, communication graduate students learn to interpret and conduct primary research to create effective messages and give meaningful counsel.

Fast Track Master’s Program 

Eligible students in strategic communication and multiplatform journalism can take graduate-level coursework while still an undergraduate, allowing them to finish a master’s in Global Strategic Communication in less time than they could in a traditional program. 

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