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Humanities Programs

What can I do with a humanities degree?A student reading a book in the library

If you are wondering what you can do with a humanities major or minor, the answer is whatever you want to do.

Business fads come and go, but employers will always need creative people who can analyze data accurately, come up with new ideas, think critically, make logical connections between ideas and communicate ideas to others. In fact, some experts think that robots will take over most jobs in the future.

With a humanities degree, you can be the human face of the future. Critically examine our world — its past, present and future.

Choose a path that challenges conventions. Choose a path to make a better world. Choose the humanities!

Humanities, B.A.

Graduates with a Humanities degree from Florida Tech experience a wide-ranging curriculum including courses in art history, film and television studies, history, literature, music, philosophy and political science. These courses help students develop critical thinking, writing and an understanding of their world. Students become proficient in research, argumentation and informed presentation. This experience serves as a basis for future advanced graduate study, continuing self-development and meaningful employment. Humanities graduates from Florida Tech go on to work in a number of institutions and fields, including education, government, publishing, library administration and social work. 

History Concentration

The Humanities - History concentration provides students an opportunity to appreciate the story of humankind. Explore patterns of human thought and successes in human invention; develop an understanding of the evolution of humanity’s past and how it relates to the present. Students will study the major fields of history, the tools at the historian’s disposal, and the methodologies and interpretations necessary to fully implement the craft of history. Humanities-History majors will focus on courses in European, American, and World History while also being introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities by taking courses in art history, literature, music, philosophy and political science.

Literature Concentration

The Humanities - Literature concentration introduces students to a dynamic and expansive literary tradition from its foundations in the ancient world to contemporary works in fiction, poetry, drama, film, television and comics. Courses emphasize the close reading of primary texts and the application of literary theory. Students will graduate with strong skills in critical thinking, writing and communication that are essential tools for success in graduate studies and professional careers. Humanities-Literature majors are introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of humanities by taking courses in art history, history, literature, music, philosophy and political science.

Philosophy Concentration

The Humanities - Philosophy concentration encourages students to pursue topics of philosophical, ethical, and global significance such as the nature of the human mind, the morality of cloning, and the justice of wars. Students will gain a philosophically-informed perspective on a wide range of academic and practical questions, improve their creative thinking, and hone their critical thinking. Humanities-Philosophy majors will focus on courses in the history and methods of philosophical analysis while also being introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of humanities by taking courses in art history, history, literature, music, philosophy and political science.

Humanities-Prelaw, B.A.

Graduates with a Humanities-Prelaw degree receive a grounding in a variety of academic disciplines applicable to careers in law. The curriculum engages students in a series of challenging courses in business, history, law, philosophy, psychology and political science. It emphasizes critical thinking, learning to write well and an understanding of human society, skills that are essential for success in law school and professional careers. Humanities-Prelaw majors make use of the wide array of perspectives available in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts to solidify their understanding of law and the critical judgment necessary to succeed in any legal career. Humanities-Prelaw graduates from Florida Tech have gone on to work as paralegals, private and government attorneys and legal counsel for financial institutions.  


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