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Private Studio Lessons

Students enrolled in any of our large ensembles can concurrently enroll in private lessons with no additional fee attached. Lessons are taught by professional musicians and are scheduled once a week at a mutual time between the student and professor. Studio instruction provides students a chance to hone their performance skills, with individual feedback and targeted instruction. A semester of performance study includes 14 lessons. The course name is MUS 1150 and the appropriate section number. A closed course form must be signed before enrolling.

Low Brass Studio

Steven Osborne - Low Brass Professor

Steven Osborne
Low Brass Professor 
(321) 674-7165

Lesson Location: Online via Zoom
Course Name: MUS 1150 07

As brass musicians we have to continually focus on our fundamental approach to the horn. Having clear intent on how and why we do certain exercises, routines and why we focus on mechanics of playing the instrument is paramount to truly improve one's craft. I help students build a foundation of structure and consistency so they can continue to grow with or without me. I strive to be there for the students in any capacity I can be because I believe in a holistic approach to learning and growing

Piano Studio

Muradov Piano Lessons

Pervin Muradov
Piano Professor
(321) 674-8088

Lesson Location: Music Studios
Course Name: MUS 1150 01


As an educator, my goal is to motivate and facilitate each student, help them become familiar with different teaching methods and materials (e.g., Russian, European combined with American teaching method). I try to help them explore different styles and genres. The sightreading and technique (e.g., Russian technique regiment), as well as, composing will be the points of emphasis.

My long-term goal for students is to teach them to become more independent, and, most importantly, to foster an enjoyment for music that lasts a lifetime.

Saxophone Studio

Devlin Saxophone Lessons

Scott Devlin
Saxophone and Flute/Clarinet Doubles Professor
(321) 674-7165

Lesson Location: Online via Zoom
Course Name: MUS 1150 04


I have always been passionate about teaching and sharing my love for music with all students.

My personal teaching philosophy has been centered around positive motivation alongside the techniques of fundamentals and performance. The “art of practicing” is definitely a lost art in my opinion. I work to have students develop a daily routine where practicing is more fun, goal-oriented, and organized. I feel this can help provide students with what they need mentally to come back to the music building inspired the next day. 

Specifically, at the college and high school level, performance-based teaching is what I like to center on. Having students explore and fine-tune the interpretation of the music they are working on and understanding how to musically communicate these aspects to the audience is challenging but also fun. I hope students leave my lessons with them inspired! 

On the jazz side, I like to have students play for longer periods and work on the art of jazz “improvisation” throughout our lessons. They should expect to play during the majority of the lesson. Listening to jazz, exploring the history of jazz players and professional experiences from my travels through this career in music performance are also covered.

Trumpet Studio

Montellione - Trumpet Lessons

Dr. Joseph Montelione
Trumpet Professor
(321) 308-7932

Lesson Location: Music House
Course Name: MUS 1150 06


Mentorship is more than just providing opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, it is setting an example for students to aspire to become beyond that which they hope; it is being available to them and developing the trust necessary to guide them; it is knowing when they need additional support versus accepting when they need to learn how to fail—and being there to assist them in the recovery. ​

I lead a studio that embraces the study of all genres of music and subsequent participation in all types of ensembles. If in our time together I only consider instrumental performance technique, I feel I will have failed the student. However, if I incorporate important life skills, then the student has gained knowledge and competencies that will prove valuable regardless of their future endeavors. ​

Therefore, within the context of musical training, it is my hope to teach students to think critically, independently, and creatively; to instill discipline, respect for detail and a thirst for excellence; to impart a hunger for knowledge and life-long learning; to improve communication skills; to encourage professionalism and respect of others, to promote self-confidence while being a team player; to increase emotional intelligence and sensitivity to others; to enhance problem-solving skills and finally, to prepare them for participation in the professional musical world. ​

My hope is that after studying with me, the student would leave not only a future active community musician but also a better well-rounded, and competent individual prepared to engage the world around them.

Upper String Studio

Beattie Violin Strings Lessons

Dana Beattie
Upper Strings Professor
(321) 674-8088

Lesson Location: Music Studios
Course Name: MUS 1150 08


My teaching is conceived in the idea that a student can be challenged, regardless of skill level. I strive to provide a curriculum that is tailored to each individual student. I believe that a strong investment of time and energy will give students a feeling of accomplishment and will unlock the most fulfilling aspects of violin playing. To that end, I emphasize technique, including scales and etudes, as well as solo work that is both ambitious and fun. I fully believe in our program, as music students here at Florida Tech graduate to become lifelong active musicians within and supporters of arts organizations in their community.

Lower String Studio

Adriana Stenvik
Lower Strings Professor
(321) 674-8088

Lesson Location: Music Studios
Course Name: MUS 1150 09


Voice Studio

Eliza Dopira, Vocal Lessons

Eliza Dopira
Studio Voice Professor
(321) 674-8088

Lesson Location: Music House
Course Name: MUS 1150 02


I believe that I offer a fun and inspiring environment where students can explore the range and power of their voices. We focus on placement of the sound, learning about true legato, and implementing good support. We take the first 20-25 minutes for technique and vocal exercises and use the remaining time for our repertoire. I strive to get results and the lesson tends to be very interactive. 

Woodwinds Studio

Cole Woodwinds Lessons

Erik Cole
Woodwind Professor

Lesson Location: Online via Zoom
Course Name: MUS 1150 05


I firmly believe that motivation to improve and succeed in musical endeavors has to come from within. A good teacher will guide, encourage, and set realistic goals to achieve, but rarely will shame and disappointment make a student feel like they want to practice more. As such, I always try to pick repertoire to work on that is at the student’s level, or within their reach if they put in an appropriate amount of time and effort. Not everyone needs to be playing the showiest, most difficult music, and as long as we’re enjoying the music and learning something, it doesn’t matter what level of difficulty we’re at.

In the end, small mistakes and imperfections happen, and while we always want to try and eliminate them, it is much more rewarding to focus on the details of musical phrasing and style. I’m a very analytical and detail-oriented teacher, and very much believe that attention to the volume and length of every note is important in order to achieve the style and phrasing that the music calls for. Almost equally important is understanding why it is the way it is, so that a student can know how to learn new pieces by themselves in the future.

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