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Applied Behavior Analysis Careers

Applied behavior analysis careers are varied and well-paying! The Florida Tech programs in Behavior Analysis have many approved Concentrated Fieldwork Sites allowing students to contact a wide diversity of practical training experiences. Because of this diversity coupled with the strong academic preparation, agencies around the world are very motivated to recruit and hire our graduates, sometimes fighting each other to acquire our graduates. Our graduates are employed in diverse applied behavior analysis careers; some work in schools, some work in day treatment centers, and some have private practices. reports Board Certified Behavior Analysts in the Orlando, FL area find salaries range from $63,540 to $116,884, with an average base salary of $86,179 (retrieved July 21, 2023, from

Ph.D. Graduate Careers

While our master’s students are employed all around the globe, our newly minted doctoral graduates have also successfully obtained post-doctoral fellowships at prestigious institutions such as the University of Nebraska Medical School / Munroe Meyer Institute while others have been hired as faculty members at universities. Still others have taken positions as consultants or program directors. Salaries for doctoral-level behavior analysts vary depending upon type of position and geographic location; according to, average base salary is $118,000 (retrieved July 7, 2023, from

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