Outside view of Nathan M Bisk College of Business building

Welcome To The Bisk College Of Business At Florida Tech

Dean Ted Richardson COB

I want you to envision your future and imagine the possibilities.

Imagine being part of a business school led by faculty who bring both real-world experience and earned expertise into every classroom. Faculty immersed in their disciplines while focused on providing each student with an excellent education.

Imagine a college culture that envelops you in the atmosphere of business, challenges you to think critically and creatively, and inspires you to develop your ideas.

Imagine the possible outcomes of gaining discipline-specific knowledge in accounting, finance, economics, business strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, leadership and business analytics. Where will your degree—your education—take you? And how far?

You already have the creativity, the relentless determination and the entrepreneurial spirit to achieve the high level of success you desire. Now imagine sharing those qualities as you add value to a company, its team, its customers. Imagine the excitement that comes with contributing to a company's wealth while increasing your own, and knowing that both were achieved ethically and sustainably.

The path to success is in front of you. Taking the next step means you are ready to learn business at its highest level and achieve great things. When you envision your future, what do you see? Whatever it is, the Bisk College of Business can help you reach it.

I urge you to explore our programs and connect with the college if you would like to learn more.


Theodore R. Richardson III, Ed.D.
Dean, Bisk College of Business

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