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Clemente Center

Clemente Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for Clemente Center membership?

Faculty/Staff, Students, Alumni, and their dependents are eligible for membership.  Each active member, who is also a current employee of Florida Tech, may sponsor three additional people for membership who would not be considered a dependent.  Current full-time students may also sponsor three additional people.

Florida Tech Students enrolled in classes on campus are already Clemente Center members; membership fees are included in tuition.  All interns, aviation, online (UA), and University College students must pay for their membership on a monthly basis.

Valid photo identification (Florida Tech ID for students), proper athletic attire/shoes, and a towel, are required to use the weight room.

Can I park at the Clemente Center?

Parking is available only with a Florida Tech parking decal.  Anyone who parks at the Clemente Center at any time without an approved parking permit may receive a citation from Florida Tech Security.

Can Clemente Center members bring a guest?

Any active member may bring a guest for $10 per day (limit five guests per day).  Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  Students receive two free guest passes per semester.

Why don't you provide towels for your members?

The cost of a towel service is extremely expensive and labor intensive.  Therefore, it is not in our budget at the present time.

What types of shoes are acceptable in the Clemente Center?

Non-marking athletic shoes are appropriate on all hard wood floors (basketball/racquetball/group fitness room).  Inappropriate shoes mark the courts and require the use of special solutions that will reduce the longevity of the floor finishes.  Athletic shoes are required in the Weight Room and during Group Fitness classes, with the exception of Yoga and Pilates.  No hard-soled or high-heel shoes will be allowed during dance classes.

Where do I go if I lose something?

All lost and found items turned in at our Control Desk are then given to Florida Tech Security.

How do I reserve areas of the facility?

To reserve space at the Clemente Center (or elsewhere on campus), all Florida Tech faculty/staff/students must complete an online Facility Request at The person requesting the reservation must first log in with a TRACKS user name and password. Once submitted, the reservation request will be automatically sent to the appropriate office for approval. Then a confirmation will be sent once the reservation has been scheduled. Florida Tech students and student groups (clubs, organizations, etc.) are limited to one 90-minute time period per day in the Clemente Center and three separate reservations per week.

Groups from off campus who are interested in reserving space may contact Conference Services Bureau at 321-309-EVENT (3836).

How do I request set-up for volleyball and badminton?

Please ask a staff member at the Control Desk in our lobby.  To preserve the condition of the equipment and increase its life span, all courts need to be set up by Clemente Center staff members only.

Why must participants in the Weight Room be 14 years of age or older?

This age limit is common within university recreation facilities throughout the U.S.  Also, the exercise and weight equipment is designed for an adult body frame and may not be safe to accommodate young people who are not yet fully developed.

Is food or beverage allowed in the Weight Room?

Food and smoothies are not allowed.  Beverages are permitted only in resealable bottles/containers.

Why are collars mandatory?

This is to stop the occurrence of weights being dumped onto the floor, which can cause injury to other people in the room.

Why must all dumbbells and weights be re-racked after use?

This will keep the room neat and orderly since our weight room space is limited.  Equipment lying on the floor also increases the possibility of members tripping and injuring themselves.

Why is standing on benches and/or equipment frames not allowed?

This can cause injury to the participant or others in the area due to being elevated off of the floor.  In addition, damage to the machines and equipment pads may occur.