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Who can use the Panther Aquatic Center?

All students, faculty, staff, and alumni may use the facility if membership is acquired through the Clemente Center.
Do I need to pay separate fees for the Clemente Center and the Panther Aquatic Center?

One monthly fee provides entry to both the Clemente Center and the Panther Aquatic Center.
Can I swim laps any time the Panther Aquatic Center is open?

Lap swimming space may be limited based on availability due to group reservations.
What happens if there is a storm in the area?

The facility closely monitors lightning through lightning detection software. If a lightning strike is within a 10-mile radius of the Panther Aquatic Center, all patrons must exit the pool, as well as the surrounding deck space. Once the "all clear" has been given, the facility will re-open.
Can I bring food with me to the Panther Aquatic Center?

Per Florida Department of Health regulations there is NO food or beverages permitted in the Panther Aquatic Center. Only beverages with a secured top (i.e. water bottles) are permitted.
Am I allowed to bring glass bottles?

Under NO circumstances is it permissible to bring glass into the Panther Aquatic Center.
Am I allowed to smoke in the Panther Aquatic Center?

Smoking is not permitted within the Panther Aquatic Center or in the main entrance to the facility.
What flotation device am I allowed to bring?

Only U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices may be used for children. Anything that can be blown up, such as water wings, are not permissible.
Are children permitted in the pool?

Children are permitted in the pool with responsible adult supervision. Children who are not toilet trained must be in a diaper manufactured for swimming pool use.
Do I have to wear a bathing suit in the pool?

Proper swimming attire must be worn in swimming pools. No cotton based clothing may be worn.
Can I use the starting blocks or diving boards?

The diving blocks and diving boards are reserved for varsity athletes only.

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