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Official Rules

Ticket entitles ONE PERSON the chance to win one of 17 cash prizes. 15 $1000 winners, 1 $10,000 winner and one grand prize $50,000 winner. 



Florida Institute of Technology

Advancement Department

150 West University Blvd.

Melbourne, Florida 32901


Virtual Event Date, Time, and Place

The 19th Annual Chopper Dropper golf ball drop will be held on Friday, March 10, 2023 at approximately 5:30 p.m., on the campus of Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. The ball drop will be streamed live at

Source of Funds for Winning Tickets

All tickets will be sold prior to the Chopper Dropper ball drop. Prize money for winning tickets will be provided by Chopper Dropper ticket sales.*


Ball Certification

• Standard golf balls of comparable weight and size will be numbered 1 to 2,000.

• The 2,000 golf balls will be audited by a representative from an independent accounting firm to ensure that all balls are present.

• The balls will then be placed in sealed containers and certified by a representative of the independent accounting firm that all balls are present and accounted for.

• The containers holding the golf balls will be stored in a secure location until the day of the event.

Ball Drop

• Under the observation of security personnel, the golf balls from the sealed containers will be transferred into two transport containers.

• The two transport containers will be placed into the helicopter.

• The helicopter will then proceed to take off and approach the drop zone where it will hover. The designated ball dropper, or flight team member, will release the balls from the containers.

• Once all balls have been dropped, determination of the winners will take place.

Winner Identification

• A member of Florida Tech’s Athletic Partnerships Department will maintain a master list of balls purchased, the ticket’s assigned owner and contact information at all times.

• A representative from Florida Tech's President's office will be charged with measuring the balls that land closest to the pin.

• The university representative, under the direct observation of the University President (or their designee), University Athletic Director (or their designee), the University Director of Athletic Partnerships (or their designee) and the Athletic Partnerships Department member will approach the drop zone for the purpose of determining the winners.

• The Florida Tech Athletic Partnerships member, and aforementioned observers, will determine the grand prize winning ball based on which ball has landed closest to the designated flag pin and then the next winning ball, and so forth, until all winning balls have been determined.

• The university representative, along with the Florida Tech Advancement Services member, will certify all winning balls by signing a “Statement of Certification.”

• Winners will then be announced during the Chopper Dropper live stream and posted on-line at as soon as possible after the winning balls are determined.

• Winners need not be present to win.

Claiming of Prizes

• In cases where a winner was not viewing the live stream online, or may not have visited the web site, university staff will make all reasonable attempts to contact the winner via the contact information he or she provided on the Chopper Dropper ticket information form.

• During normal business hours, winners may contact Florida Institute of Technology Athletic Partnerships at (321) 309-3022.

• Any prize money not claimed by April 30, 2023, will be considered unclaimed and dedicated to Florida Tech Athletics.

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