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Florida Tech Alumni Association Scholarship


Scholarship / Fellowship


$314,145 (2023)

Year Established



Financial Aid for undergraduate and first-year graduate students. (GF000061)


Recipients are selected by the Office of Financial Aid in consultation with the Alumni Association Board. Recipients must be undergraduate or first-year graduate students who are FIT alumni or children of FIT alumni.


Since the Florida Institute of Technology was established in 1958, more than 60,000 students have graduated from our university. Our alumni live in all 50 states and in every country. They include a wide variety of professionals in engineering, science, business, aviation, psychology, communication, and the humanities.

The goal of Florida Tech's Alumni Association is to promote a lifelong relationship of mutual benefits and support for both the university and its alumni. All students who graduate from Florida Tech (or have the equivalent of one year of completed coursework) are eligible for membership.

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go to Panther Fund and use the "other" designation to identify that you wish to give to this named endowment fund.

Past Recipients

2003: Michael Theret, David Willard

2004: Timothy Jace

2005: Laura Custer, Jeremy Crowe

2006: Geoffrey Eseltine, Keith Hudon, Tudor Klein

2007: John York, Philina Richardson, Anthony McGee

2008: Philina Richardson 

2009: Philina Richardson

2010: Auther Hannon, John Hensen, Christopher Ellert, Bonnie Neptune

2011: Auther Hannon, Aaron Morabito, Grant Skidmore

2012: Christopher Ellert, Cody Pitts, Wade Dauberman

2013: Kimberly Rigano, Hannah Hart, Cody Harris

2014: Patrick Hagerty, Joshua De La Nuez, Michelle Berg, Rachel Steinberg

2015: Nicholas Sinclair, Michael Graff, Rachel Steinberg

2016: Elizabeth Kames, Michael Graff

2017: Michael Diotte, Jonathan Cirillo, Leanna Toups, Karl Schneider, Kyle Schigner

2018: Leanna Toups, Mark Iacobino, Alexander Smith

2019: Leanna Toups, Mark Iacobino, Nicholas Assante

2021: Timothy Wickramasuriya, Shelby Anyzeski, Kyle Harris, Samuel Leighton, 

2022: Sean Mcintosh, Cianna Grummer


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