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Greek Life


Advisors are an essential part of the successfulness of each chapter and organization within the Fraternity and Sorority community. Each chapter has one chapter advisor, as well as other members of the faculty and national organization to help assist with chapter affairs.

Advisors Hints & Guidelines


Advising a fraternity or sorority can be a richly rewarding experience. The main intent behind the requirement is to directly connect the chapter to the teaching faculty. Florida Tech staff serves a similar role and connect the chapter to multitudes of campus programs and resources as well as being an ideal person to help the chapter to make strong connections with faculty. As such, it is one of the oldest and possibly most important requirements for a Florida Tech student organization.

In many ways this is one of the more enjoyable volunteer positions since most fraternities and sororities have several other volunteers to help with the day-to-day operations. This leaves you free to select an area that is of special interest to you and/or the chapter. The following guidelines are some suggestions to help insure your successful involvement.


Time Commitment

The minimum commitment suggested is to attend or meet at least once with the chapter executive officers, Alumni advisory board and the chapter as well as the chairperson or officer responsible for your special interest. If time and schedules permit it would be recommended to attend these once per month. What is also a lot of fun is to get to one major event per semester such as Recruitment, Homecoming or the chapter awards banquet. Advisory board memberships are also recommended, but keep in mind your total time should not exceed 10 hours per month.

Interest Areas

As previously stated part of the fun is to work with a chapter on something that is of mutual interest. Scholarship is always a good place to start for a faculty or staff advisor but again chose something you like. Try to choose things that can be done in a semester and no longer than a school year. Projects extending over breaks tend to have a high failure rate and frustrate the advisors and the chapter.

Other Volunteer Advisor Hints

There is no more important position in today's fraternity or sorority than the volunteer advisor. You are the sum product of the fraternal experience that the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are intended to accomplish. As such, chapter advising is especially challenging but an equally rewarding experience. Our nation's young adults desperately need role models and mentors that are accessible to them. Your time with the chapter is invaluable and directly supports Florida Tech's educational mission.

  1. An advisor should be present at chapter meetings, new member events, and initiation and executive officer meetings.

  2. Request copies of minutes from chapter meetings, executive board meetings, and judicial hearings. The chapter and anyone associated with it is potentially liable for any item mentioned in these meetings.

  3. Utilize a full advisory board -- follow your national guidelines.

  4. Review manuals on a yearly basis.

  5. Keep an eye on the following folks: President, New Member Educator, Treasure, Social Chair, Recruitment Chair and Council Delegate. The recommended way to do this is to assign a volunteer to help each of these people.

  6. Review the new member program with new member educator each semester. This is not an area where creativity is advised.

  7. Officer transition is critical-help them plan and please attend.

  8. Leadership conferences work. Advise as many chapter members as you attend to attend something every year. The UIFI and Leadershape experiences are exceptional programs with lots of scholarships available.

  9. Utilize the internal judicial process for your chapter. The IFCDC is not meant to deal with individual chapter member issues. Accountability must happen at the chapter level.

  10. Attend any training provided by your headquarters.

  11. Don't go it alone-ask for help!

Expect greatness out of your chapter at Florida Tech. There is no reason your chapter cannot be award winning within your affiliation.