You Are Welcome Here

Florida Tech welcomes inquiries and applications from all students who are interested in joining our global community of scholars. We understand that leaving your home and family to attend a small private university in Florida requires courage. So when you choose Florida Tech, we do everything we can to honor and celebrate that decision, and to ensure that it is a good one. From admissions to academics, student activities to dining services—we believe that everything you experience should contribute to your personal and professional success.

Welcoming students from all around the world is not just something Florida Tech just does—it’s who we are. About one-third of our students are international, coming from more than 100 countries to live and learn at Florida Tech. Here, you will find the exciting newness of a top-ranked American university combined with the familiar feeling of a place you’ve always known. From global cuisine in our dining hall to the annual International Festival hosted by our Office of International Student & Scholar Services, there’s always something to remind you why you chose Florida Tech.

When we say #YouAreWelcomeHere, we mean it.