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Florida Tech community: Please view the Florida Tech Safe website for important COVID-19 information and "Return to Learn" plan details.

International Student & Scholar Services


September 21, 2020: This webpage is being updated regularly, and we encourage you to check it frequently for important updates. In addition. Florida Tech is closely monitoring the ever-changing information concerning the Coronavirus. Please be sure to follow important university updates at

For NEW Students (includes brand new students, transfer students, and change of education level students): who are currently inside the US, as a reminder, you are allowed to be registered for online classes for this FALL 2020 semester, however at least one of your courses must be a face-to-face class.  Immigration does not allow for ONLY online courses.

For NEW Students who were unable to enter the US (these include brand new students, transfer students, and change of education level students): you can keep your fall 2020 admission and register for coursework online.  Your immigration document I-20 will need to be re-issued for spring 2021 for entry into the US. If a SEVIS-Pending student for fall 2020 decides not to register for fall 2020, their admission and immigration document will need to be updated for the appropriate semester of deferral. Please contact the appropriate admissions office to secure the new I-20 for spring 2021 entrance; the emails are:

Graduate Admissions:               

Undergraduate Admissions:     

Students in SEVIS-Pending status for spring 2021 can start entering the US no more than 30 days before the start date on the spring 2021 I-20 document. It is important to note that all entry into the US, at any time, is at the discretion of the port of entry officials. 

Continuing/Returning students: who are currently outside the US, and were unable to return to the US, are able to keep their ACTIVE immigration status as long as they are registered appropriately to comply with immigration regulations (12 credits undergraduate students; 9 credits graduate students) in online coursework.

A Compliance Form Fall 2020 was sent to all SEVIS-Active students inquiry if they were inside or outside the US.  If you did not submit the Compliance Form, please do so immediately.  Those students outside the US will need to have their I-20 reprinted with the notation, “Outside the US for fall 2020 due to COVID-19” in order for you to re-enter for spring 2021.  Students who do not receive the updated I-20 may encounter issues at the port of entry; we are trying to make your re-entry as smooth as possible.

Continuing/Returning students: who are currently in the US, are able to keep their ACTIVE immigration status as long as they are registered appropriately to comply with immigration regulations (12 credits undergraduate students; 9 credits graduate students); these classes can be all face-to-face, online, or a combination of both. 

IMPORTANT: A lot of immigration regulations have been temporarily changed due to COVID-19, however the one regulation that has not changed is that those students unable to comply with immigration regulations will have their immigration status terminated. 

At this time, the ISSS Office has updated their office procedures for everyone’s safety:

  • For general inquiries, please email  Please be patient in our response.
  • All documents for drop-off can be emailed to
  • If you need a travel signature, please email  with your full name, student ID, and valid email address. A new document will be processed, signed, and you will receive an email when it is ready for pickup.
  • As always, if documents do need to be picked up, it is important to remember to bring your student ID and that only the person whom the document belongs to can pick up the document (this is an immigration regulation)
  • Document pick up hours are Monday – Friday from 10am – 2pm
  • Facemasks are required to be worn when in the L3 Harris Commons Building
  • Please note that we may need to further adjust our office hours in the future based on new information or directives.
  • All appointments are being conducted by either phone or email only. If you have a specific question, please contact:


OPT/STEM OPT/CPT:           Lareyne Ellebracht

Programming questions/Program Extensions/Change of Majors: Debbie Matta

General questions:      Katie Bumsted

Immigration Status and other questions:          Jackie Lingner

OR CALL: 321-674-8053



International Student And Scholar Services

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) welcomes you to Florida Tech.

The ISSS Office is comprised of people who are professionals in providing the international student services you need to succeed in your academic life.  We have extensive training and experience in the interpretion of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations. Services provided include assisting and advising  F, J, M, and H-1B visa holders on all immigration matters, including enrollment requirements, travel, employment authorization, visa extensions…  to name a few.

International Student Services also offers cultural programs designed to assist you in adjusting to life in the United States and at Florida Tech. These include the International Orientation Program, the International Workshop Video Series (covering topics such as employment, travel and taxes), International Coffee Hours, the Annual International Festival, as well as many others.

ISSS prides itself in providing international students the services you need to be happy and successful at Florida Tech. So, once again welcome. We are grateful you have chosen to come and study with us.

We are located on the third floor of the Harris Commons Building (on the corner of University Blvd and Babcock Street).

international student services

Have Your I-20s Signed
Please have your I-20s signed for re-entry prior to travelling. (Please allow 5-7 working days to process your request.)

international student services

Documents on a variety of topics which are designed specifically to inform international students and scholars related to their immigration status, as well as other topics and issues of importance.

international student services

Join the ISSS List Serve
Get important updates regarding immigration regulations and international life on campus. 

International Dinner Series

The information contained in the ISSS Web site is for the use of the Florida Tech community. Some of the information is very general and some is specific to Florida Tech. Information contained herein should not be used as the sole source of information for making decisions that may affect one's legal status in the U.S. or one's right to study, teach, conduct research or work.  Directory lists (for services such as hotels, transportation providers, restaurants, shops, apartments, websites, etc.) appearing on this website are not endorsed by Florida Institute of Technology or the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.  The information they contain has not been included for promotional reasons, nor has any information been purposely left out or omitted.  Local businesses and the students who use them are welcome to submit suggestions for new directory listings by writing to