ISSS sponsors a series of workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year which are designed specifically to inform international students and scholars of matters related to their immigration status, as well as other topics and issues of importance.

All workshops are designed to help students and scholars in meeting their academic, administrative and personal needs throughout their stay at Florida Tech. Topics include immigration rules and regulations, on-campus and off-campus employment, working in the United States, travel, re-entry and filing income tax returns.

ISSS Orientation Workshop
Covers information necessary for complying with Immigration and Customs Enforcement's regulations and procedures for F1 and F2 visa holders.  Also covers subjects such as cultural adjustment, classroom expectations, taxes and finances, etc.  This workshop is particularly pertinent to new students and scholars on campus and is a required part of orientation.

Expectations in University Classrooms
This PowerPoint provides an overview of the academic atmosphere and expectations of American university, and offers guidelines for a healthy academic learning experience.  A live version of this workshop is also available during Fall semester orientation.

ISSS J1 Orientation

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Workshop
Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshop

Pertinent to F1 visa holders, these workshops cover the rules and procedures for obtaining off campus work authorization both prior to completion of study and post completion of study, including curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT.)  You must be in legal F-1 Status for one academic year prior to applying for OPT or CPT.

Please note, you are required to complete the CPT or OPT employment workshop prior to applying for either CPT or OPT.  This is a self-enrollable Canvas course.

Travel and Re-entry to the U.S.

ISSS will review the visa application process and issues surrounding re-entry into the U.S. such as security clearance, special registration procedures, legislation affecting visa application, travel to Canada and Mexico.  Important if you will be traveling out of the U.S., especially if you will need to apply for a U.S. entry visa.  Travel signatures will also be discussed at this workshop.

Filing Non Resident Income Taxes & GLACIER Tax Prep Overview

Pertinent to H, F & J visa holders, this session provides an overview of the requirements and procedures for filing a non-resident U.S. Income Tax return utilizing GLACIER Tax Preparation Software.    

Diplomat Presentation for Orientation and Workshop

This presentation is given by the diplomats at international student orientation.  It includes a lot of useful information about safety and security, transportation with and without a car, driver's licenses, technology, school forums, cell phones, bank accounts, and more.

Check your Florida Tech e-mail account for regular updates on workshop presentations.

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