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University Reserved Parking Spaces

Applies to:Original Policy Date:Date of Last Review:Approved By:
Students, Faculty, Staff 2/27/2024 06/12/2024 Dr. John Nicklow, President

Policy Owner: Facilities Operations

Policy Purpose

To establish University policy regarding reserved parking, ensuring fair and equitable parking opportunities on campus. Current University President, Vice President, Dean (including interim) and Executive Administration positions are provided an unpaid reserved parking space, indicated by university-approved and installed signage; location to be determined by the University President.

Unpaid reserved parking issued prior to this original policy date and not assigned to the above-referenced positions is revoked. Unauthorized usage of reserved parking space by vehicle or non-vehicle item(s) will result in towing/removal at the individual owner/user (non-university) expense. Student/faculty/staff requests for reserved parking space will be considered case-by-case, upon submission to the University President. Approvals will not carry over year-to-year; renewal must be requested annually.

Please refer to University parking policies for additional information regarding unauthorized parking.

This policy does not apply to paid reserved parking spots, managed by the Department of Security. 

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all students, staff and faculty parking on University owned, leased, rented, or borrowed property.

Policy Statement

Unpaid reserved parking space on University property will be provided to University President, Vice President, Dean (including interim) and Executive Administration positions. Other student/faculty/staff requests for reserved parking spaces to be considered annually, case-by-case.


University students/faculty/staff may request consideration for reserved parking by completing the form here and re-submitting annually: Reserved Parking Request Form


A person who works at the university with a faculty/staff appointment on a full time, part-time, temporary, or on-call basis, as long as this employment is the individual’s primary purpose on campus.
A person who is registered and attends Florida Tech on either a part-time or full-time basis.
Reserved parking spaces
Stall or lot reserved for specific persons, departments, or vehicles. No other vehicle may park in these areas.
Motor Vehicle
Mechanically or electrically powered device that transports persons or property (i.e., trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, golfcarts, mopeds).
Non-reserved parking spaces
Spaces within parking lots based on availability. Does not guarantee the permit holder a parking space.
Valid parking space
A vehicle must be parked within the boundaries of a parking space as indicated by painted lines or in front of a designated port-a-curb.
Designated parking areas/lots
A designated parking area/lot is a parking lot or space that has a designated identifier where vehicles displaying a valid, matching permit may park.
Parking lot signage
The University’s parking lot signage is designed to let drivers quickly determine if a parking lot is open to them. The signs include lot numbers and corresponding color-system depending on affiliation to Florida Tech. 


University Preesident will review any requests for reserved parking submitted annually via the link above.

The President's Office and the Facilities Department will install appropriate signage/lot painting for reserved parking and may assign project billing, as appropriate, to the requestor.

University Security will monitor parking lot space usage and ensure compliance.

University President may revoke reserved parking space issuance at any time and for any reason relating to changes in current university positions or due to a university need for additional, non-reserved parking spaces for general use.

Individual owner/user shall be responsible for complying with the policy as written. This policy is written to include any vehicle and/or non-vehicle item(s) occupying a parking space in an unauthorized manner for any reason and for any length of time.


University Security personnel will monitor parking lot spaces usage and ensure compliance per policy.

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