Multiplatform Journalism, B.S.

Multiplatform Journalism, B.S.

What Is A Multiplatform Journalism Degree?

Multiplatform Journalism BSGraduates with a degree from Florida Tech in Multiplatform Journalism enter the workforce with the skills needed to prepare story content for the diverse range of media available today. Combining journalism and communication technology, graduates understand how to merge text, images and video to create engaging content to publish across any number of digital platforms. Whether working in news, marketing, social media, public relations, multi-media development, broadcasting or website communication, graduates with a bachelor’s in multiplatform journalism are also trained in media law and ethics. Plus, as a science and technology focused university, Florida Tech graduates have focused experience in creating and publishing for the sciences.

Superior Credentials

U.S. News & World Report ranks Florida Tech a Tier One Best National University (2013) and the Times of London Higher Education ranks Florida Tech among the top 20 small universities in the world. In addition, Florida Tech ranked in the top 10 percent for return on investment 20 years after graduation in the 2016 PayScale College ROI Report. 

Experienced Communications Faculty

The rapidly changing communications industry demands professionals with relevant experience who can guide students to master professional excellence, ethics and leadership. Students earning a multiplatform journalism degree at Florida Tech are part of a small, collegial community where professors mentor students in a collaborative learning environment. The faculty boasts expertise in fields including public relations, corporate social responsibility, healthcare, communication and social issues, crisis management and politics.

Research Opportunities in Mass Communication and Journalism

Professors have a variety of research interests in which students may participate including corporate communication strategies and reputation management, the role of popular culture artifacts on collective memory, intercultural communication, and communication and social issues. These hands-on learning experiences

Gain Real-Life Experience to Become a Journalist in the Media Practicum Course

Students in the multiplatform journalism degree program build their skills with hands-on exposure in the media practicum course. Students work for the campus newspaper or WFIT, the on-campus public radio station. Students also get internship experience with a local newspaper, radio, television, social media, public relations or marketing organization. Classroom and internship experience expands gives students exposure to the many career options available in the industry.

Special Projects Expand Multiplatform Journalism Experience

Students in the multiplatform journalism degree program complete a senior design course in the final year of their program producing a media-related project. The media practicum course gives students a chance to work for the student newspaper or on-campus public radio station and see what is involved if they become a journalist. In addition, students complete an internship with a local media outlet or with an on-campus department.

Multiplatform Journalism Career Opportunities

Graduates with a multiplatform journalism degree find employment in positions including broadcasting, video editing and production, web content development, social media content development, writing or editing for newspapers and magazines, blogging, public relations and digital design. Students can also choose to continue their education in graduate school pursuing mass communication and journalism, corporate communication, publishing, instructional design, multimedia development, teaching or law.

FastTrack Global Strategic Communication Master's Program

Eligible multiplatform journalism students can take graduate level course work while still an undergraduate to finish a graduate degree in less time than they could in a traditional program.


Florida Tech is in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast, among a robust Central Florida media market. Communication-related internships and employment opportunities are found in the area’s range of large corporations, government institutions and military organizations.   

Why Pursue A Multiplatform Journalism Degree at Florida Tech?

A top multiplatform journalism school like Florida Tech prepares students for the workplace by using an integrated curriculum and hands-on experiences to build advanced expertise. Multimedia journalism is one of the most diverse careers available today, with job opportunities in public relations, marketing and media, corporate social responsibility, broadcast media, video production, political communication, crisis communication planning, web and social media, among others. Such diverse employment options demands that a multiplatform journalism school provide students with a breadth of skills essential for today’s global communication environment. Florida Tech does that and more.

Superior Reputation and Faculty Credentials

Florida Tech has long been recognized by media outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, the Times of London Higher Education and Barron’s Guide for the quality of its programs. Florida Tech has been ranked a Barron’s Guide “Best Buy,” and the top private university in Florida by Washington Monthly, while U.S. News & World Report ranked Florida Tech a Tier One Best National University (2013). 

Experienced Multiplatform Journalism Faculty

Florida Tech’s bachelor’s degree curriculum reflects the demanding, fast-paced, and diversified multimedia journalism environment. Working closely with students, the faculty is regularly available for advising and one-on-one mentoring, establishing relationships that exist long after graduation. Students have an opportunity to work side-by-side with faculty on important communications research projects including corporate social responsibility, reputation management, or political communication.

Internships & Research Opportunities

The senior design project demands students craft a media-related research project, which puts classroom knowledge and internship experience to the test. This project showcases a student’s ability to plan, execute and analyze a communication issue and could include a project such as developing a crisis communication plan.

Florida Tech’s FastTrack Global Strategic Communication Master's Program

Another reason Florida Tech is considered a top multiplatform journalism school is the FastTrack Global Strategic Communication Program. Communication students may be eligible for entrance into the program for a master’s in global strategic communication. Eligible students can take graduate course work while still an undergraduate, allowing them to finish a graduate degree in less time than they could in a traditional program.

 Career Opportunities in Multimedia Journalism

With a bachelor’s in multiplatform journalism, graduates find employment as a broadcast producer, digital graphics director, social media coordinator, video editor, marketing communication specialist, web writer, or science reporter. Because the diverse media environment continues to grow, and there are more and more specialties in digital communications developing every day, Florida Tech prepare graduates to be ready to work with little need for on-the-job training.

A Wealth of Internship Opportunities

Communication students at Florida Tech have access to a variety of internship opportunities dedicated to the career field including the Florida Tech Crimson student-run newspaper, WCRR student run radio station, the Communicator newsletter and Kaleidoscope literary magazine.

Great Florida Location

Another multiplatform journalism school will find it hard to compete with Florida Tech’s location. The campus is situated on central Florida’s Space Coast, an area with year round warm weather, low cost of living and access to a busy media market, as well as numerous internship and employment opportunities with the area’s growing science and technology community. Florida Tech also has a rich campus life that includes intramural and collegiate sports, clubs and social activities. 

How Will A Multiplatform Journalism Degree Prepare Me for the Future?

Faculty-led research and journalism internships offer students a chance to see the type of work they’ll likely do on the job. These workplace-style learning experiences give communication students a chance to put their skills to work and see first-hand the diverse range of career options multiplatform journalism provides. 

Media Practicum Course

Students earning a bachelor’s in multiplatform journalism immediately begin working on an integrated marketing communications plan through the media practicum course. Working for the the campus newspaper or WFIT, the on-campus public radio station, students engage in an active communications role to strengthen their skills. Journalism internships, as well as social media internships, are available with local firms providing newspaper, radio, television, social media, public relations or marketing organization experience. Public relations internships offer opportunities for writing and reporting in the private or public sector.  

On-Campus Journalism Internships Include:

  • The Florida Tech Crimson: the university’s student-run newspaper published weekly and distributed to more than 5,000 readers.
  • WCRRL: the student-run radio station.
  • FITV Video Productions: an opportunity for students to get involved in producing quality programming for the on campus television station.
  • The Communicator: the newsletter that publishes student work from the humanities and communication departments.
  • Kaleidoscope: a campus literary magazine that publishes poetry, short stories and artwork produced by Florida Tech students and faculty.

Senior Design Project

The senior year design project gives students a chance to create their own media-related project. The experience they’ve gained while working on campus or in journalism or public relations internships provides students with specific knowledge for working on a project such as a marketing campaign for a class “client” or production of a documentary.

What Can You Do With A Multiplatform Journalism Degree?

A multiplatform journalism career provides a wide range of opportunities in the fields of marketing, advertising, corporate communications, radio and television, print and electronic media, and digital media. As media has become more diverse, so have the job skills, and the unique job opportunities it offers.

Conducting research, writing content, distributing the communication, working with the media, managing online platforms and handling social media are all critical parts of the duties communication careers demand.

With a degree in multiplatform journalism from Florida Tech, students have excellent training to begin a journalism career, choosing to work in the field as a multimedia journalist or in a more traditional role as an investigative reporter.

Outlook for a Career in Public Relations

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides detailed information about hundreds of careers, including median annual pay, working conditions and job outlook, among other things.

According to the bureau, employment in communication careers is expected to grow six percent through 2024, as organizations continue to emphasize production of media content and customer relations to enhance their reputation and visibility. Digital media including websites, blogs and social media also increase employment opportunities as more and more emphasis is placed on a social business environment. Writers and content developers also find work in public relations, blogging and reputation management initiatives. A multimedia journalist works to produce video for broadcast and online platforms as well as to create compelling stories for branding, fundraising and documentaries.

Career Options

A multiplatform journalism career includes position such as:

  • Broadcast Anchor
  • Video Writer and Editor
  • Television Producer
  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Print Writer and Publisher
  • Script Writer
  • Web and Social Media Writer
  • Digital Producer
  • Print and Digital Editor
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Market Researcher
  • Digital Graphics Designer
  • Photographer
  • Web Designer/Editor

Entry Level Salary Expectations

Salaries vary for communication careers vary depending on the actual job area and specific industry in which you work. An entry-level career in communications is reported by to be $38,900 with opportunity to grow to $68,400. is an online salary information company that helps people obtain accurate real-time information on job market compensation. The Occupational Outlook Handbook reports professional, scientific and technical service industries to have the highest wages. 

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