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The Behavior Analysis Student Association consists of a group of M.S. and Ph.D. students in Behavior Analysis at Florida Tech. The group meets regularly and holds an annual conference each spring on various topics within the field of Behavior Analysis. The conference is often well-attended by community BCBAs and BCaBAs, teachers, parents, students, and faculty.

The purpose of the Behavior Analysis Student Association is to provide opportunities for students to generate, discuss, and exchange ideas on the practice and research of issue in Behavior Analysis.

BASA is an organization designed to provide a forum for discussion of Behavior Analysis in experimental and applied settings. We focus on

  • Florida Tech class topics
  • Real world issues
  • Conceptual questions
  • Effective community dissemination
  • Experiencing the science of  behavior analysis in community, conferences, and practicum settings

Membership includes robust activities,  room for development of professional passions, and financial support for the next generation of young professionals. 

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Professional credibility is based on the ethical guidelines and professional codes of conduct of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, the International Association for Behavior Analysts and the American Psychological Association.